What Is the Role of A Trek Researcher?

Recently, India Hikes (IH) advertised for the position of full time / part time Trek Researcher. The full time job was based in their Bengaluru office. The part time applicants could work from different cities. The company expected that the applicants should have

  • Thorough knowledge of treks,
  • Exceptional research skills to collect information about treks and skills to verify the existing trek information, and
  • Excellent written communication skills.

Any graduate who genuinely loves the outdoors, craves for the details, and has 2-5 years’ experience in the similar capacity may apply for the job.

So, it could be an opportunity for a seasoned trekker (s) to earn some money.


Last date to apply: Not Specified in Any of the Job Publications


What Does the Job Advertisement Reveal? 6 Insights into Adventure Tourism Career:

Type of Job

Adventure Travel Information Research and Documentation

Opportunity to actually trek or participate in the adventure activities is not mentioned in the advertisement.

Number and Nature of Vacancies

Not Specified

Full time / Part time

Payment / Salary Situation

Not Specified

A misleading statement “As per industry standards” is a cause of concern because so far adventure tourism industry has not defined salary standards.

Application Deadline and Process

Not Specified

Unfortunately, the job neither requires activity-specific qualifications nor academic qualifications in adventure travel and tourism. Any graduate can apply. This indicates lack of professionalism and shows there is no need for formal adventure travel tourism courses. Then why do educational institutes conduct such courses? 

Job Publications

The advertisement appeared

  1. On the IH’s LinkedIn Page:  https://in.linkedin.com/jobs/view/374351588?trkInfo=searchKeywordString%3AResearcher%2CsearchLocationString%3A%252C%2B%2Cvertical%3Ajobs%2CpageNum%3A1%2Cposition%3A14%2CMSRPsearchId%3A4317883b-3d68-4828-a9d9-61568dc9ef30&refId=4317883b-3d68-4828-a9d9-61568dc9ef30&trk=jobs_jserp_job_listing_text
  2. On A Private Job Board: http://www.timesjobs.com/job-detail/corporate-planning-consulting-strategy-job-in-indiahikes-bengaluru-bangalore-jobid-AYtpGerrNLlzpSvf__PLUS__uAgZw==-key-trek-loc-198130&source=srp
  3. In Personal Letter (s) to Its Trekking Client (s)

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