Vacancies in the Himalayas

Work opportunities in the Himalayas

The best way to explore the Himalayas is to live and work amid the mighty range. So this week, we have compiled a list of opportunities from both tourism and non-tourism sectors. The jobs require a connection with the range and expertise in various fields such as geography, information Technology (IT), and sciences.


  1. (Tourism) News Reporter (Nepal)
  2. Assistance Procurement Cum Administrative Field Officer, Great Happiness Center (Bhutan)
  3. Assistant / Deputy Manager – Travel Department, Yeti Travels Pvt Ltd (Nepal)
  4. Assistant Manager – Customer Acquisition, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training (India)–Frankfinn-Institute-of-Air-Hostess-Training-Shimla-5-to-10-280414003150?xz=1_0_5&xo=&xp=4&xid=139890493756031000&qjt=&qp=&id=&f=-28041400315
  5. Country Director, Action contre la Faim – ACF International (Nepal)
  6. Field Coordinator – NPPP (IV) – NEX Project, United Nations Development Programme (Nepal)
  7. Field Research Supervisor, Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (Nepal)
  8. Glacio-Hydrologist, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) (Nepal)
  9. Glaciologist, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) (Nepal)
  10. Judgment Writer, High Court of Himachal Pradesh (India)
  11. Lead Economist, ADB (Bhutan)
  12. Lead Product Designer, Office Manager / X Factor, and Campus Rep, Yik Yak (Himalayas and U.S.A.)
  13. Manager / Sr. Manager – Medical Writing (r&d), Venus Remedies Ltd. (Himachal Pradesh)–Venus-Remedies-Ltd–Baddi-2-to-5-280414003460?xz=1_0_5&xo=&xp=25&xid=139890493756031000&qjt=&qp=&id=&f=-280414003460
  14. Officers Cadet, Royal Bhutan Police (Bhutan)
  15. Programme/Research Officer, Bird Conservation Nepal (Nepal)
  16. Project Associate, IU-ATC Project, IIT Mandi (India)
  17. Senior Social Scientist, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), (Nepal)
  18. Socio-economist with Specialization in Water, The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), (Nepal)
  19. Staff Writer, Blue Leaf Media Krafts Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal)
  20. Survey and Design Consultant, Community Irrigation Project, ADB (Nepal)
  21. Tour Manager, Temple Tiger Group of Companies (Nepal)
  22. Trade Economist, Asian Development Bank (ADB) (Bhutan)




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