Work in American Adventure Travel Segment

Adventure Travel Jobs in Unites States of America

The latest adventure job list would add new wings to your American dream. The list includes opportunities to instruct thrill seekers in different activities and /or manage and sell adventure products designed by the US-based companies. You can thus eke a livelihood while serving in field and / or office. 


  1. Adventure Camp Counselor/Program Specialist, a leading camping company (U.S.A.)
  2. Adventure Guides, Maverik | Adventure’s First Stop (U.S.A.)
  3. Adventure Project Manager, Raleigh International (U.S.A.)
  4. Adventure Tour Guide, Kona-based adventure company (U.S.A.)
  5. Assistant Operations Managers, Maverik | Adventure’s First Stop (U.S.A.)
  6. Camp Manager, English Adventure (Japan)
  7. Day Camp Discovery Instructor, Avid4Adventure (U.S.A.)
  8. Destination Manager, Natural Habitat Adventures (U.S.A.)
  9. Explorer Instructor, Avid4Adventure (U.S.A.)
  10. F.r.e.s.c.h. Managers, Maverik | Adventure’s First Stop (U.S.A.)
  11. Lead Climbing Instructor, Avid4Adventure (U.S.A.)
  12. Location Manager, Alabama Splash Adventure (U.S.A.)
  13. Mountain Biking Instructor, Avid4Adventure (U.S.A.)
  14. Operations Manager, International Wildlife Adventure Travel Co. (U.S.A.)
  15. Operations Managers, Maverik | Adventure’s First Stop (U.S.A.)
  16. Outdoor Adventure Intern, Wilderness Adventure company (U.S.A.)
  17. Part-time Team Member, Retail Adventure Store (U.S.A.)
  18. Professional Marketer, Travel Colorado LLC (U.S.A.)
  19. Project Manager, Raleigh International (U.S.A.)
  20. Sales Development Representative, Zozi (U.S.A.)
  21. Spanish Interpreter, Raleigh International (U.S.A.)
  22. Summer Camp Photographer, English Adventure (Japan)
  23. Summit Leader, World Challenge (U.K.)




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