Mountaineering Refresher Course: A Guided Step towards Proficiency

In the mountaineering training segment, things are changing for good. Last Wednesday I discussed one of the interesting developments, an opportunity for mountaineering training in middle age.

Today I will cover another useful development.

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (H.M.I.) is conducting Mountaineering Refresher Course (Men and Women) in 2019-20. However, the course is quite different than a regular mountaineering course.

Let’s have a look at its features:

Purpose of Course: Practice and Revision

  • This course is designed to practice mountaineering skills prior to joining a mountaineering expedition.
  • If you just want to revise your mountaineering skills, you can still join it.
  • Emphasis is on the skill practice instead of theoretical knowledge.


Flexible Course Contents

The refresher course contents is flexible. A Basic Mountaineering Course (B.M.C.) certificate holder will practice basic mountaineering skills learnt during the course. On the other hand, an Advance Mountaineering Course (A.M.C.) certificate holder will practice advance skills. The same rule applies to other course certificate holders.

A Method of Instructions (MOI) certificate holder will practice mountaineering teaching techniques.

A Search and Rescue (S&R) certificate holder will practice rescue techniques.


Practical Training

  • Practice what you have learnt in B.M.C., A.M.C., MOI, and / or S&R
  • Learn and practice modern mountaineering techniques
  • Practice rock climbing on artificial and natural surface, ice and snow craft, and other mountaineering skills.



1. At least B.M.C. certificate

Good News: Grade of B.M.C. does not matter. Even a climber with C grade in B.M.C. can join it.

2. Age Limit: 17-45 years


Schedule for 2019-2020

The institute may conduct the Mountaineering Refresher course on the following dates:

  • Course 01. May 11-25, 2019
  • Course 02. Nov 28-Dec 12, 2019
  • Course 03. Mar 9-21, 2020


Course Fee

₹30,000 per participant (Indians and foreigners)

The refresher course fee equals the actual cost unlike subsidized fee of the regular mountaineering courses. Therefore, the latter courses are cheaper than the former.


Seats per Batch

Each Mountaineering Refresher course may have up to 20 students.

Check the website of the institute:


Use the new opportunities and be an expert mountaineer.

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