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Since popularity of adventure travel and tourism (ATT) is growing, many market studies had tried to assess the size of the global ATT market. However, a comprehensive analysis of the Himalayan ATT (HATT) market is required, because the Himalaya is the Mecca for adventure seekers. The Off, an online based travel information provider, conducted a research study to analyze supply of adventure travel packages (ATPs) focusing on the Everest region, the home to the loftiest mountain peak. The objective of the study was to find answers to the following questions:

  • How many types of “Everest” named ATPs are available?
  • Which is the most popular ATP and why?
  • What are the similarities and dissimilarities in the ATPs?
  • What is the share of Nepal side ATPs and Tibet side ATPs in the total ATPs?
  • Do Nepali ATCs have an advantage over ATCs based in other countries?
  • Which are the major suppliers of the “Everest” named ATPs?

The study, a knowledge pool of supply side of the market, will help adventure travel companies (ATCs) in

  • Restructuring ATPs
  • Developing effective strategies to market ATPs
  • Designing new adventure products and
  • Understanding product differentiation of the competitors

ATCs can use the findings of this report as an effective tool to have a competitive edge in ever expanding ATT market, and to serve the modern group of adventure travelers and tourists better.

Adventure travelers will get a clear picture of available adventure products covering the Everest region within Nepal and Tibet. With a long list of ATPs and the suppliers at one place, though it is not exhaustive, they will be able to make a well-informed decision quickly.


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