ATP Classification

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An Everest named adventure travel package is an ATP containing the word “Everest” in its name. Forty-five (45) selected ATP suppliers offer 221 Everest named ATPs (Appendix I), which are broadly divided into five categories based on the following factors:

  • Primary destination
  • Secondary destination
  • Type of adventure activities, including climbing and trekking
  • Similarity in ATP names
  • Type of adventure travelers, such as
    • families, hardcore adventure seekers, seasoned climbers / adventurers, teenagers
    • adventure seekers who wish to combine adventure and luxury,
    • adventure seekers who like budget ATPs and
    • adventure seekers who wish to have a glimpse of Mount Everest without shedding much sweat
  • Small vs. big group-size (personalized trips vs. trips for masses)
  • Type of accommodation and other facilities
  • Country and region through which ATP route meanders
  • Time required to complete the trip: indicated by words like “Express” and “Fast” in the name of the ATP


The five main categories and classification of each category into sub-categories and sub-subcategories follow (Figure: 3):


  1. Everest Climbing Expeditions (ECEs)
  2. Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trips (EBCTs)
    1. EBCT-Nepal
    2. EBCT-Tibet
  3. EBC + Other Destinations (EBC + ODs)
    1. EBC + ODs within Nepal
      1. EBC with Gokyo
      2. EBC with Island Peak
      3. EBC with Kala Pathar
      4. EBC with Lobuche Peak
      5. EBC + Mix
    2. EBC + ODs within Tibet
  4. Everest + Other Destinations  (EODs)
    1. Classic Everest
    2. Fast Everest
    3. Everest Circuit
    4. Everest for Families
    5. Everest for Teenagers
    6. Ultimate Everest
    7. Everest Trails
    8. Everest + ODs within Nepal
      1. Everest with Ama Dablam
      2. Everest with Annapurna
      3. Everest with High Passes
      4. Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) & Everest
      5. Everest & Chitwan
      6. Makalu Base Camp to the Khumbu of Everest
      7. Everest, Gokyo, Island Peak, others
    9. Everest: Panoramas, Pictures, Views (EPPV)
    10. Everest Luxury, Style
    11. Everest + ODs within Tibet
      1. Everest with Tibet
      2. Everest Kangshung face
    12. Everest Private Trips
    13. Everest Lodge Trips
    14. Everest
  5. Other Everest Trips (OETs)



Classification of Everest adventure travel packages


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