Everest Base Camp Trips (EBCTs)

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Everest Base Camp Trips: Introduction- Definition, Share…

The EBCTs category focuses on ATPs exclusively designed for EBC. These packages do not include any side trips to other destinations. This main category has two subcategories, based on countries covered. The EBCT-Nepal subcategory features EBCTs covering Nepal-side EBC, whereas the primary destination of the EBCT-Tibet subcategory is the EBC located in Tibet.

Out of 39 (86.67%) companies offering EBCTs, 38 companies sell EBCT-Nepal packages and just five (5) companies offer EBCT-Tibet packages. (Figure: 24) Myths and Mountains is the company that sells EBCT-Tibet ATP only.

ATC-wise share of Nepal- and Tibet-side ATPs in Everest base camp trips

Twenty-six (26) ATCs offer one EBCT each, five (5) ATCs sell two EBCTs each and five (5) ATCs offer three EBCTs each. (Figure: 25)

Number of Everest base camp trips offered by ATCs

International Mountain Guides offers five EBCTs, the highest number of EBCTs offered by surveyed ATCs. KE Adventures and High Asia Tours sell four EBCTs each. (Figure: 26)

Top 3 outfitters based on number of Everest base camp trips offered

Although all eight country-based companies sell sixty-four (64) EBCTs, more than 90% of packages are sold by three country-specific ATCs only. Nepal-based ATCs offer the highest number of EBCTs (22), followed by the US (20) and UK ATCs (16). The Canadian, Dutch, Irish and New Zealand ATCs offer one EBCT each. The Australian ATCs sell two EBCTs. (Figure: 27)

Country-wise share of outfitters in Everest base camp trips

EBCTs: Package Name

All 64 ATP names contain phrase “Everest Base Camp” or its abbreviation EBC, the main attraction of the package. Several ATP names also feature word “trek” or “trekking”, while others use word “jeep”. Thus, type of activity or mode of traveling is specified in the name. Some ATP names also contain name of starting point of trek and / or country name, such as Jiri, Nepal and Tibet.

EBCTs: ATP Duration Analysis

More than 80% EBCTs are 11 to 20 days long. About 12% EBCTs require 21-30 days to complete. Length of slightly less than 5% EBCTs is ten days. (Figure: 28)

Duration analysis of Everest base camp trips

The shortest EBCT is of 10 days, whereas the longest EBCT is of 28 days. High Asia Tours and Nepal Trail Blazer offer three 10-day-long EBCTs. “Pioneers’ Trail to EBC” by Mountain Kingdoms is the longest EBCT (28 days). Average duration of EBCT is 17.67 days. (Figure: 29)

Longest and shortest Everest base camp trips

EBCTs: ATP Price Analysis

The pdpp price of twenty-one (21) EBCTs is less than USD 100.00. The price of thirty (30) EBCTs ranges between USD 100.00 and < 200.00 pdpp. The price of nine (9) EBCTs amounts to USD 200-<300 pdpp. However, the price of the remaining three (3) EBCTs offered by Mountain Hawk (1) and Mountain Monarch (2) is not mentioned on the companies’ websites. (Figure: 30)

Price of Everest base camp trip

The cheapest EBCT is 14-day “EBC Trek” (Global Crossroads, USA) priced at USD 49.93 pdpp. The costliest EBCT is 19-day “Ascent to EBC” (Abercrombie & Kent, UK) priced at USD 310.00 pdpp.

“EBC Trek” (Global Crossroads) is five days shorter than “Ascent to EBC” (Abercrombie & Kent). The “EBC Trek” price includes 13-day stay in guesthouses / teahouses, whereas that of “Ascent to EBC” includes 11-day lodge accommodation, 3-day stay in resorts and 4-day stay in hotels for which rating is not mentioned. “Ascent to EBC”, therefore, offers five more days’ accommodation.  “Ascent to EBC” serves eighteen (18) breakfasts, seventeen (17) lunches, eighteen (18) dinners and boiled water, whereas “EBC Trek” price does not include meals.

Both the EBCTs start and end at Kathmandu. The price of the two includes transfers, accommodation on sharing basis, admission fee to the Mount Everest National Park and Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu airfare. Although these EBCTs’ price includes services of guides, but local guides accompany travelers who purchase “EBC Trek” (Global Crossroads) and professional guides (6-time Everester) escort the travelers who buy “Ascent to EBC” (Abercrombie & Kent).

The minimum pdpp price for EBCT-Nepal is USD 49.93 (Global Crossroads) while the lowest pdpp price for EBCT-Tibet is USD 102.63 (High Asia Tours). The minimum price of EBCT-Tibet is 105.55% more than that of EBCT-Nepal.

The price of EBCT-Nepal ranges from USD 49.93 to 310.00 pdpp. The number of ATPs priced <USD 100 is twenty-one (21), that of ATPs costing >=USD 100-150 aggregates seventeen (17), that of ATPs costing >USD 150-<200 is nine (9) and that of ATPs priced at >=USD 200 is eight (8). Only one ATP falls in >=USD 300 category.

The pdpp price of EBCT-Tibet ATPs is more than USD 100.00. There are four ATPs with price ranging from >USD 100.00 to <150.00 pdpp. The costliest EBCT-ATP is “Chengdu to EBC” (Myths and Mountains) with the price tag of USD 266.39 pdpp. (Figure: 31)

Cheapest and costliest Everest base camp trips in Nepal and Tibet

EBCTs: Duration vs. Price

There is no definite link between ATP duration and price. For instance, “EBC Trek” (Adventure Alternative – North Ireland),”EBC Trek” (Jagged Globe – UK) and “Classic Nepal EBC Trek with Classic Team” (IMG – US) are twenty (20) days long each. However, the corresponding pdpp price amounts to US 97.34, USD 170.65 and USD 200.00.

“EBC Trek” (Adventure Alternative) and “Classic Nepal EBC Trek with Classic Team” (IMG) ATP start and end at Kathmandu. The price of both ATPs includes 19-day accommodation in lodges / hotels and services of camp staff.

”EBC Trek” (Jagged Globe) package starts and ends at the United Kingdom. The price of the ATP consists of both internal and international airfare (economy class) and 18-day accommodation, including 3-day in top-end hotels and 15-day in lodges.

The price of all the three ATPs includes three meals for entire climbing and trekking period. “EBC Trek” (Adventure Alternative) serves fourteen (14) breakfasts,  fifteen (15) lunches and fifteen (15) dinners, whereas ”EBC Trek” (Jagged Globe) offers fifteen (15) breakfasts, fifteen (15) lunches and fifteen (15) dinners.  “Classic Nepal EBC Trek with Classic Team” (IMG) includes eighteen (18) breakfasts, seventeen (17) lunches and eighteen (18) dinners.

The price of all the three ATPs includes transfers, Kathmandu – Lukla – Kathmandu airfare, services of porters and a chief guide / leader / Sherpa. None of these ATP prices covers personal items, insurance, optional tipping / gratuities and visa fee.

“Classic Nepal EBC Trek with Classic Team” (IMG) also includes services of yaks, hyperbaric bag, pulse oximeter, emergency medical oxygen and additional facilities at the EBC, such as internet, satellite radio, power supply and foam mattresses.

EBCTs: ATP Grade Analysis

Grade of seventeen (17) ATPs is not mentioned on the suppliers’ websites. The remaining forty-seven (47) ATPs are rated differently. For instance, ten (10) ATPs are graded as “Moderate”, whereas eleven (11) as “Strenuous”. Some ATPs are rated as “Moderate Plus”, “Moderate to Adventurous”, “Moderate to Fairly Challenging” and “Moderate to Strenuous”. Other ATPs are graded as “1”, “4”, “5”, “8”, “Challenging”, “Demanding”, “Difficult”, “Extreme”, “Hard”, “T1”, “Tough” or “Ultimate Challenge”. In total, eighteen (18) different digits / words are used to grade sixty-four (64) EBCTs. (Figure: 32)

Grade analysis of Everest base camp trips



EBCTs: Subcategory Analysis


The US ATCs account for the highest number of EBCTs-Nepal (19). Nepal-based and the UK ATCs offer sixteen (16) packages each, the second highest number of EBCTs-Nepal. The share of other country-based ATCs is marginal. (Figure: 33)

Share of country-specific outfitters in Everest base camp trips-Nepal


Five (5) ATCs sell seven EBCTs-Tibet: Green Lotus Trekking, High Asia Tours, Mountain Monarch, Myths and Mountains and Nepal Trailblazer. Except Myths & Mountains, all companies are based in Nepal. (Figure: 34)

Number of Everest base camp trips-Tibet

The pdpp price of EBCTs-Tibet does not change in proportion to the rise in duration of the package. For instance, 19-day Overland Adventures to EBC Tibet by High Asia Tours is priced at USD 102.63 pdpp, whereas 18-day Chengdu to EBC by Myths and Mountain is priced at USD 266.39 pdpp. (Figure: 35)

Duration and price of Everest base camp trips-Tibet


EBCTs: Nepal vs. Tibet

Out of sixty-four (64) EBCTs, 89.06% (57) packages focus on the Nepal side region and the remaining 10.94% (7) packages cover Tibet side region (Figure: 36). Nepal EBCTs are, thus, more popular and the route is well served by ATCs. However, this concentration may have direct impact on cultural, social and physical environment of the Nepali Everest region.

Share of Nepal- and Tibet-side Everest base camp trips
Minimum ATP duration for both country packages is ten days, whereas maximum duration is 28 days for EBCT-Nepal and 21 days for EBCT-Tibet. Since the duration data is symmetrical, there is not much difference between average and median duration for the two country packages. Median duration for EBCT-Nepal is 18 days, two days more than that for EBCT-Tibet. The corresponding average trip durations are 17.95 days and 15.43 days. (Figure: 37)

A comparison of Everest base camp trips from Nepal and that from Tibet

EBCTs: Traveler to Guide Ratio

This information is not available.

EBCTs: Conclusions

1. EBCTs are single-destination ATPs.

2. The EBCT-Tibet is costlier than EBCT-Nepal.

3. Myths and Mountains sells only one EBCTs-Tibet package.

4. EBCT-Nepal is the most popular ATP in the EBCTs category.

5. Nepal-, US- and UK-based ATCs are the leading suppliers of EBCTs.

6. The highest pdpp price of an EBCT-Nepal is USD 310.00.

7. 97.44% companies offer EBCTs-Nepal, while 12.82% of ATCs sell EBCTs-Tibet.

8. On an average, EBCTs-Nepal packages are of longer duration than EBCTs-Tibet packages.

9. Supply of EBCTs-Nepal is much more than that of EBCTs-Tibet. Thus, it may be concluded that demand for EBCTs-Nepal is high.

10. The lowest pdpp price for the EBCTs-Nepal is less than USD 50.00, but the lowest pdpp for the EBCTs-Tibet is more than USD 100.00.

11. Four companies offer both packages EBCT-Nepal and EBCT-Tibet: Green Lotus Trekking, High Asia Tour, Mountain Monarch and Nepal Trailblazer.

12. “Everest Base Camp” or “EBC” is the common phrase / abbreviation used in the EBCT ATP names. A standardized naming convention is in practice.

13. The other interesting features of EBCT ATP names include mode of transport / type of activity and destinations’ names.

14. Slightly more than 32% EBCTs are graded as “Moderate” or “Strenuous”. The EBCTs are graded in 18 different categories.

15. Services of expensive professional guides, including Everest summiteers, increase total price of the ATP.

16. Trekking is the principal adventure activity of the EBCTs, barring a few of EBCTs-Tibet that involve very less or no trekking.


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