Everest Base Camp + Other Destinations (EBC + ODs)

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Everest Base Camp (EBC) + ODs: Introduction- Definition, Share…

The EBC + ODs category consists of ATPs covering EBC as primary destination and other nearby attractions as secondary destinations located within Nepal and Tibet. Secondary destinations can be accessed within a day or two from the EBC. All EBC + ODs are thus multi-destination ATPs.

The category is divided into two subcategories: EBC + ODs within Nepal and EBC + ODs within Tibet.  Out of forty-five (45) ATCs surveyed, twenty (20) ATCs (44.44%) sell “EBC + ODs.” These ATCs are based in five (5) different countries. (Figure: 38)

Number of Everest base camp + other destinations packages offered by country-specific outfitters

EBC + ODs: Package Name

All “EBC + ODs” package names contain at least name of the primary destination and one main secondary destination. Some ATPs’ names feature more than one secondary destination name. For instance, “Gokyo-Chola Pass-EBC” (Nepal Trailblazer).

EBC + ODs: ATP Duration Analysis

Duration of 52.94% EBC + ODs ATPs varies from 11-20 days. About 35.29% ATPs are 21-30 days long. 11.76% ATPs are less than or equal to ten (10) days longs (Figure: 39). The 8-day “Kathmandu to Lhasa Tour via EBC” (Himalayan Glacier Trekking) is the shortest ATP, whereas 24-day “Lhasa, EBC & Mount Kailash” (High Asia Tours) is the longest ATP. In fact, there are five 24-day-long ATPs. Average duration is 18.85 days.

Share of Everest base camp + other destinations packages in duration categories

 EBC + ODs: ATP Price Analysis

The price of twelve (12) ATPs is less than USD 100.00 pdpp. The price of fifteen (15) ATPs ranges from USD 100.00 to USD <150.00 pdpp. Three (3) ATPs are priced between USD 150.00 and USD <200.00 pdpp. The price of one (1) ATP falls in USD 200-<250 category. The price of the two (2) ATPs is not mentioned on the website. Since duration of one ATP is not known, pdpp price could not be calculated for that package. (Figure: 40)

Price range of Everest base camp + other destinations packages
Average pdpp price of “EBC + ODs” amounts to USD 111.10. The 24-day “EBC Nepal Trek & Lobuche Peak Summit” ATP (International Mountain Guides, US) is the costliest (USD 214.58 pdpp), whereas 17-day “Kalapathar –EBC” (High Asia Tours, Nepal) is the cheapest (USD 63.53 pdpp) package in the category.

The price of “EBC Nepal Trek & Lobuche Peak Summit” includes 23-day accommodation, whereas that of “Kalapathar –EBC” includes 16-day accommodation. The former ATP serves twenty-two (22) breakfasts, twenty-one (21) lunches and twenty-three (23) dinners, while the latter offers seventeen (17) breakfasts, sixteen (16) lunches and sixteen (16) dinners.

Admission fee to the Mount Everest National Park, Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu airfare, porters’ services and TIMS card fee are included in both the ATPs’ prices. However, neither of the packages includes insurance and visa fee.

The price of “EBC Nepal Trek & Lobuche Peak Summit” also covers climbing permit fee, services of camp staff and yaks, and group equipment at the EBC, such as foam trekking mattresses, internet, power supply and radio / satellite telephone.

EBC + ODs: Duration vs. Price

The ATP price does not always change proportionately with a change in duration. For instance, 17-day ATP is priced at USD 63.53 pdpp, whereas 13-day ATP is priced at USD 191.92 pdpp.

 EBC + ODs: ATP Grade Analysis

Grade information is available for twenty-seven (27) out of total thirty-four (34) ATPs. All ATPs are rated in thirteen (13) different levels on different grade scales. Eight (8) ATPs are graded as “Strenuous” and four (4) ATPs as “5”. All “Strenuous” ATPs fall under the “EBC + ODs within Nepal” subcategory. The “EBC + ODs within Tibet” ATPs are graded as “Moderate”, “Hard” or “3”.

EBC + ODs: Subcategory Analysis

Out of thirty-four (34) EBC + ODs ATPs, “EBC + ODs within Nepal” accounts for 79.41% ATPs and “EBC + ODs within Tibet” for 20.59%. (Figure: 41) Although only six (6) ATCs sell “EBC + ODs within Tibet” ATPs, all twenty (20) ATCs, providing EBC + ODs ATPs, offer “EBC + ODs within Nepal” ATPs. Out of twenty (20) ATCs, fourteen (14) offers one ATP each and the remaining eight (8) companies offer two (2) ATPs each. (Figure: 42)

Share of Nepal and Tibet in Everest base camp + other destination packages


Country-wise representation in Everest base camp + other destination packages
Based on secondary destinations, the EBC + ODs within Nepal subcategory are divided into five sub-subcategories:
•  “EBC with Gokyo” ATPs include trekking to the EBC and within Gokyo area.
• “EBC with Island Peak”, a multi-activity ATP, consists of trekking to the EBC and climbing Island Peak (6,183 meters).
• “EBC with Kala Pathar”, a multi-activity package, includes climbing Kala Pathar (5,545 meters) and trekking up to the EBC.
• “EBC with Lobuche Peak”, a multi-activity ATP, clubs trekking to the EBC with climbing Lobuche Peak (6,119 meters).
• EBC + Mix sub-subcategory comprises two ATPs that do not fit in any of the above sub-subcategories.

The “EBC with Gokyo” sub-subcategory accounts for 44.44% of the “EBC + OD within Nepal” ATPs, followed by “EBC with Island Peak” (22.22%) and “EBC with Kala Pathar” (22.22%). (Figure: 43) About 55 % (11) companies offer “EBC with Gokyo” ATPs and 30% (6) companies sell “EBC with Island Peak” ATPs. None of twenty (20) companies represents all five (5) sub-subcategories (Figure: 44). However, Nepali and the US companies represent four sub-subcategories. The Nepali companies offer ten (10) ATPs, whereas the US ATCs sell seven (7) ATPs. The Australian companies offer five packages in three sub-subcategories. The UK ATCs sell four “EBC with Gokyo” ATPs. (Figure: 45)

Share of sub-subcategories in Everest base camp + other destinations-Nepal packages


Number of outfitters offering adventure travel packages in sub-subcategories of Everest base camp + other destinations within Nepal


Everest base camp+other destination trips offered by different country outfitters
Duration of “EBC + ODs within Nepal” ranges from 14 to 24 days. Average length of the ATP is slightly more than twenty days (20.19) (Figure: 46). The pdpp price starts from USD 63.53. International Mountain Guides (US) offers “EBC Nepal Trek & Lobuche Peak Summit Climb”, the costliest ATP (USD 214.58 pdpp). (Figure: 47)

Maximum and minimum duration of Everest base camp+other destination trips


Price of Everest base camp + other destination trips within Nepal


The “EBC + ODs within Tibet” covers the EBC from Tibet side and nearby destinations within the country.  Six (6) ATCs offer “EBC + ODs within Tibet”. Duration of the ATPs varies from 8 to 24 days. Average duration is 12.83 days. Six (6) companies, two US and four Nepali, represent the category. The pdpp price for five ATPs ranges from USD 107-192. For the remaining two, either duration or price information is unavailable. (Figure: 48 and Figure: 49) However, average pdpp price of the EBC + ODs within Nepal is lower (USD 107.31) than that of the EBC+ ODs within Tibet (USD 130.80).

A price comparison of Everest base camp+other destinations packages offered in Nepal and Tibet


A comparison of duration of Everest base camp+other destinations’ packages offered by outfitters in Nepal and Tibet

EBC+ODs: Traveler to Guide Ratio

This information is not available.

 EBC+ODs: Conclusions

1. All EBC + ODs are multi-destination ATPs.

2. EBC + ODs ATPs duration ranges from 8 to 24 days.

3. More than half of “EBC + ODs” ATPs are 11-20 days long.

4. Both single- and multi-activity “EBC + ODs” ATPs are available.

5. Gokyo Region, Island Peak and Kala Pathar are three popular secondary destinations in the Nepali Everest region.

6. The “EBC + ODs within Nepal” packages are of longer duration on an average (20.2 days) than “EBC+ODs within Tibet” packages (12.83 days).

7. Trekking is the most popular activity for “EBC + ODs within Nepal”, whereas driving is the major activity for “EBC + ODs within Tibet” packages. However, travelers themselves need not drive.

8. The “EBC + ODs within Nepal” packages are cheaper on an average (USD 107.05 pdpp) than “EBC + ODs within Tibet” packages (USD 130.80 pdpp).

9. The main activity in “EBC + ODs within Tibet” is sightseeing. In some ATPs, a short hike to the EBC and / or a secondary destination is also included in the itinerary. Travelers are generally taken to all the attractions in a private vehicle.

10. Since supply of “EBC + ODs within Nepal” is more than that of “EBC + ODs within Tibet”, it can be concluded that the Nepal-based ATPs are the most popular. Thus, a competitive strategy is required to market these ATPs, so as travelers can compare the available ATPs and choose the best. Higher the available options, higher the competition.


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