Other Everest Trips (OETs)

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Other Everest Trips (OETs): Introduction- Definition, Share…  

The OETs category covers ATPs that do not match the definition of any of the above four (4) main categories. Seven (7) different ATCs sell one OETs ATP each. Three (3) ATCs are based in the UK and two (2) each in Nepal and the US. (Figure: 59)

Share of country-specific outfitters in other Everest trips packages

OETs: Package Name 

All package names feature word “Everest”, but the names are not self-explanatory. Destinations are not mentioned in the names. Three (3) ATPs’ names reveal type of activity by using appropriate words like “flight”, “marathon”, “monastery / monasteries” or “trek”. 

OETs: ATP Duration Analysis 

More than two third (66.67%) OETs are 11 to 20 days long. The remaining ATPs’ require 21-30 days to complete. The shortest ATP is of 14 days, whereas the longest ATP needs 23 days to complete. Average trip duration is 17.83 days. (Figure: 60)

Duration analysis of other Everest trips packages

OETs: ATP Price Analysis 

The pdpp price of all OETs ATPs except one exceeds USD 100.00. The 14-day “Everest-Tengboche Monastery” (Grand Asian Journeys) is the cheapest (USD 99.64 pdpp). The 14-day “Everest: Mountains and Monasteries” (Asia 360) is the costliest (USD 242.50 pdpp). (Figure: 61)

Cheapest and costliest other Everest trips

Both ATPs, starting and ending in Kathmandu, offer accommodation on sharing basis for thirteen (13) nights (9-night in lodges and 4-night in hotels). However, “Everest-Tengboche Monastery” price includes mid-range hotels, whereas “Everest: Mountains and Monasteries” price includes top-end hotels. The price of two also covers admission fee to the Mount Everest National Park, Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu airfare and transfers.

Grand Asian Journeys serve thirteen (13) breakfasts, eleven (11) lunches, eleven (11) dinners and boiled water three times per day on “Everest-Tengboche Monastery” trip. Asia 360 offers ten (10) breakfasts, nine (9) lunches and ten (10) dinners during “Everest: Mountains and Monasteries” trip. 

 OETs: ATP Grade Analysis 

Four (4) OETs are graded as “3”, “5”, “demanding” and “T1”. Two are rated as “Strenuous”, whereas grade information is unavailable for the seventh ATP.

OETs: Traveler to Guide Ratio 

Information is unavailable

 OETs: Conclusions 

  1. Only Nepali, UK and US companies sell OETs.
  2. 11-20-day-long ATPs dominate the category.
  3. There are no similarities in grades used by ATCs.
  4. ATPs’ names do not feature destination names, but activities are highlighted.
  5. There is substantial difference between price of ATPs with same duration due to type of service offered.


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