17 Insights into Uttarakhandi Climbers’ Mountaineering Tours

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Climbers from Uttarakhand formed the fourth largest market for mountaineering tours during 2010-14. Their preferences were different from the three top markets. Let’s take a look.


State Wise Mountaineering Expedition Duration

3. The remaining time was spent in Himachal Pradesh.

1. Uttarakhandi climbers spent 271 days on mountaineering tours.

2. Out of which more than 95% time was spent exploring peaks in the home state.

4. Overall average length of the tour was 22.58 days. However, average duration of Uttarakhand mountaineering tours was slightly longer, 23.55 days per tour.

5. They did not attempt any peaks in Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim.

6. Attempted total nine (9) peaks i.e. 1.8 peaks per year.

Word cloud of peaks attempted by climbers from Uttarakhand

Word cloud of peaks attempted by climbers from Uttarakhand

7. All selected peaks were named except one.

8. Out of which eight (8) peaks are located in Uttarakhand.

State Wise Number of Peaks Attempted

9. Finding their favorite peak was difficult because maximum number of attempts per peak were lower than five.

10. Two peaks were attempted more than once: Bhagirathi II (3) and Rudugaira (2).

11. The remaining peaks were attempted only once.

12. Maximum mountaineering tours focused on peaks with altitude ranging from 6,500 meters to 6,999 meters (5 Expeditions | 41.67%).

13. The second most preferred peak altitude category was 6,000-6,499 meters (4 Expeditions | 33.33%).

14. Uttarakhandi climbers did not attempt peaks from the lowest (5000-5499 meter) and the highest (7500-7999 meter) altitude categories.

Peak Altitude (Meters) vs. Duration and Number of Expeditions

15. Overall success rate was high (75% | 9). The success rate of Uttarakhand tours was 81.82% (9), whereas that of Himachal Pradesh tours was 0% (1).

Himalayan Mountaineering Expedition Status

16. Annual expedition rate was 2.4 expeditions.

17. These climbers preferred 1-peak expeditions (12). They did not organize multi-peak expeditions.

Peaks Per Expeditions

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