5 Types of Mountaineering Expeditions to Indian Himalayas

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During 2010-14, local and foreign mountaineers organized five different types of expeditions to the Indian Himalayas:

  • 1-Peak Expeditions
  • 2-Peak Expeditions
  • 3-Peak Expeditions
  • 4-Peak Expeditions
  • 5-Peak Expeditions

Single peak expeditions accounted for more than four fifth of the total expeditions. The remaining expeditions were multi-peak expeditions. 4-peak expedition was to Uttarakhand and 5-peak expedition was to Jammu and Kashmir.

Share of 5 Different Types of Expeditions during 2010-14

Number of Single Peak & Multi-Peak Expeditions during 2010-14

Both foreign and local climbers preferred single peak expeditions.

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