Expeditions to Kamet during 2010-14

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Kamet is the highest peak of the Zaskar Range and the 2nd highest peak of the Garhwal Himalayas, Uttarakhand. Since the peak is located in vicinity of the Indo-Tibetan border, it can also be accessed and viewed from Tibet.


Shape: Pyramid composed of reddish granite schist

Altitude: 7,756 meters / 25,447 feet

Old Names: Central Ibi Gamin, Kangmen, Kangmed (Lower Snows), or Glacier Fire


1848: Trigonometrical Survey by Richard Strachey

1855: First Attempt by Adolphe Schalgintweit and Robert Schalgintweit

1877: Survey by E.C. Ryall

1931: First Ascent by Frank S. Smythe, E.E. Shipton, and R.L. Holdsworth

2002: The United Nations issued a stamp on Kamet to celebrate International Year of Mountains.

2012: A new route, Spicy Game, discovered during alpine style climb by four French mountaineers: Didier Jourdan, Sébastien Bohin, Sébastien Moatti, and Sébastien Ratel.

Vantage Points


  • Vasudhara Tal (4,795 meters / 15,823 feet)
  • Kuari Pass (4,268 meters / 14,084 feet)
  • Auli (3,650-3,962 meters)
  • Ranikhet
  • Almora
  • Naini Tal


Boko La (5,591 meters / 18,450 feet) connecting valleys of the Indus and the Sutlej rivers

Highlights of 2010-14

Four countries took 451 days to complete twelve (12) expeditions to Kamet. Average expedition duration was 37.58 days. The mountaineers organized on an average 2.4 expeditions per year. Overall success rate was slightly more than 41%. 

Three foreign countries organized one expedition each to Kamet during 2010-14: France, Germany, and Japan. However, there were no foreign expeditions in 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Germans took 36 days / expedition to climb the peak. Japan took eleven more days. The French expeditions were the longest (55 days / expedition).

There were no expeditions from Americas.

West Bengal organized the highest number of expeditions (4) to Kamet. Delhi, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu organized one expedition each. The Indian mountaineers attempted the peak every year during the study period unlike their foreign counter parts.

Expeditions of Delhi mountaineers were the shortest (21 days / expedition), followed by Maharashtra (26 days), West Bengal (31.5 days), and Tamil Nadu (42 days).

Expeditions to Kamet, 7th Favorite Indian Himalayan Peak during 2010-14


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