French Mountaineers: More Successful in Uttarakhand than in Jammu Kashmir

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The French spent 308 days for ten (10) expeditions to the Indian Himalayas during five years 2010-14. What they did in these days? Read!

Key Features of French Expeditions

Peak Selection 

France played fair while selecting peaks. It picked four peaks (44.44%) each from Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. But it selected only one peak (11.11%) from Himachal Pradesh.

Mountaineers from France attempted nine (9) peaks, i.e. just 1.8 peaks per year.

None of these peaks was attempted five or more than five times. Thus, no peaks meet the definition of favorite peak. They attempted all selected peaks except Kun once.

They did not go to Sikkim.

All expeditions were 1-peak expeditions. The French mountaineers were thus more focused and not in hurry to explore everything in one expedition.


Mountaineers from France: Peak Altitude Preferences

Their favorite peak altitude was 7000-7499 meter as they spent more than 34% (106 days) of total days (308 days) spent in the Indian Himalayas exploring peaks of this range. The second most favorite altitude was 6500-6999 meter (27.27% | 84 days).

They did not attempted any peak from 5000-5499 meter category.

Average expedition duration was slightly more than 30 days.

More than fifty percent time was spent in Jammu and Kashmir, followed by Uttarakhand (45.13%) and Himachal Pradesh (3.57%). However, state-specific average expedition duration was the highest (34.75 days) in Uttarakhand, followed by Jammu and Kashmir (31.60 days) and Himachal Pradesh (11 days).

Days Spent by French Climbers in 4 Himalayan States

Success Rate 

Half of the expeditions were successful.

State-specific success rate was 100% for Himachal Pradesh, followed by Uttarakhand (50%) and Jammu and Kashmir (40%).

French Expedition Status

However, JK topped on three counts: Total Expedition Duration, Total Number of Expeditions, and Total Number of Attempts.


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