How did thin Indian mountaineering pie taste in 2010-14?

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India cooked a 2-flavor small thin mountaineering pie despite a tall pile of available ingredients during 2010-14. Local flavors dominated the pie because Indian mountaineers contributed more than 60% (303) of the expeditions.


Share of Indian and Foreign Expeditions in Total Mountaineering Expeditions to Indian Himalayas during 2010-14

Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) Slice

H.P. with total 177 (36.05%) mountaineering expeditions prepared the largest slice of the pie. However, the state slice lacked foreign flavors. The Indian mountaineers contributed majority of the expeditions (86.44%).

Uttarakhand Slice

Uttarakhand prepared 33.30% (163) of the pie. A large chunk of the Uttarakhand slice also tasted local (58.28%). However, the local flavors were less strong than that of the H.P. slice.

To expand the slice, the State announced to build Nain Singh Institute of Mountaineering in Munsiyari in 2015. The Center and State government allocated more than 20 crore rupees for the second mountaineering institute that may become operational in the first quarter of 2016.

The 2016 would also witness the activity-focused event the Indian Himalaya Mountaineering and Tourism Meet 2016 (January 15-17). The two-day event, an initiative of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI), has five tall old ambitions:

  1. Discuss conservation of the mountain environment.
  2. Promote serious mountaineering and adventure expeditions.
  3. Train for serious adventures.
  4. Discuss ways to reduce commercialization.
  5. Promote the Himalayas as tourism product within its carrying capacity limits.

Sikkim Slice

The tiny Sikkim slice was completely local.

Jammu and Kashmir Slice

Jammu Kashmir altered the flavors dramatically. The state slice had strong foreign flavors (95 | 66.43% of total 143 expeditions).

Total Mountaineering Expeditions to 4 Indian Himalayan States during 2010-14

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