Are Socio-Economic Status and Mountaineering Tourism Linked?

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First round of country-wise expedition data analysis showed that socio economic status did not influence mountaineering tourism trends during 2010-14.

Source of Socio-Economic Data Used for the Analysis

2014. Malik. Khalid et al. Human Development Report 2014. Sustaining Human Progress: Reducing Vulnerabilities and Building Resilience. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The UNDP report calculated 2013 HDI using education, income, and longevity data.


GNI vs Number of Expeditions

I have compared gross national income (GNI) per capita of twenty-three countries that organized mountaineering expeditions to the Indian Himalayas during the study period. Key findings follow:

India with the lowest GNI ($5,150) among these countries organized the highest number of expeditions (303).

GNI of Ukraine was just $8,215, the second lowest, but it sent just one (1) expedition to the Himalayas.

Among foreign countries, although GNI of the United Kingdom was the 11th highest ($35,002), the country organized the highest number of expeditions (27).

Despite the ninth lowest GNI ($30,561), Spain explored the range twenty-two (22) times and secured second spot.

GNI of Singapore was the highest ($72,371) but it recorded just four (4) expeditions.

These two variables were therefore neither directly nor inversely proportional. They showed individual characteristics that require further research.

Country Wise Number of Expeditions vs Per Capita Gross National Income (GNI)

Life expectancy at Birth (Years) vs Number of Expeditions

Life expectancy of India was also the lowest (66.4 years) but its number of expeditions was the highest (303).

Japan, one of the top five foreign countries that conducted expeditions, recorded the highest life expectancy (83.6 years). However, the number of expeditions were the fourth highest (15).

Although life expectancy of Germany was lower (80.7 years) than that of Japan, German mountaineers organized one more expedition (16) than Japan.

Life expectancy of the United Kingdom was lower (80.5 years) than that of Germany, but it topped with 27 expeditions.

Number of Mountaineering Expeditions (2010-14) vs Life Expectancy at Birth (2013)

HDI Value vs Number of Expeditions

Again data of top six countries confirmed that socio-economic factors and mountaineering tourism are independent of each other.

HDI value of Australia (0.933), Switzerland (0.917), and the Netherlands (0.915) was the highest but these countries organized single digit expeditions. These three toppers of HDI organized three (3), eight (8), and three (3) expeditions respectively.

India with the lowest HDI (0.586) conducted more than 300 expeditions.

Graph of HDI did not follow the peaks and valleys of expedition number graph.


Number of Mountaineering Expeditions (2010-144) vs Human Development Index (HDI) 2013

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