Mountaineering Expedition Duration: 25 to 30 Days during 2010-15

Himalayan Mountaineering Expedition Duration during 2014-15

In six years starting from 2010, Indian and foreign mountaineers spent more than two and a half thousand weeks exploring the Himalayas. The last year of the study period (2015) recorded the highest number of mountaineering days, 3,778 days, 538 weeks, 124 months, or 10.35 years. The share of the 2015 was also the highest (21.74%) in the total expedition days during the period. However, average mountaineering expedition duration was the second shortest (27.99 days/expedition) in 2015. The 2013 recorded the shortest duration (25.16 days / expedition).

An impressive double digit increase (34.07%) in the total mountaineering days implied a stronger multiplier effect on the adventure tourism economy in 2015.

Indian expeditions spent more than ten thousand days, 59.28% of total mountaineering days during 2010-15. Foreign expeditions spent about seven thousand days, 40.02%. The Indians always spent more days than the foreigners every year during the study period.

The mountaineering days spent by foreigners continuously fell in the first four years of the period. The fall was the steepest (-29.68%) in 2013. However, the days shot up by 40.82% in 2014. The increase continued in the following year but it was minimal (3.85%).

The mountaineering days spent by Indians fluctuated differently in the period. The decrease was gentle (-3.13%) in 2011 vis-à-vis the previous year. The number of days registered healthy rise (13.99%) in 2012. In the next year, the number plummeted by 21.96%. The fall continued in 2014 but it was smaller (-7.40%). In 2015, the number recovered substantially and increased by 35.13%.

Mountaineering Days: Foreign vs Indian Expeditions


Share of Himalayan States in Total Expedition Days in 2015 In 2015, average mountaineering expedition duration was twenty-eight (28) days. The expeditions to Sikkim took the shortest time, whereas that to Jammu and Kashmir took the longest time. The share of Jammu and Kashmir in the total number of mountaineering days was the highest (34.28%). Uttarakhand (31.34%) lost second position to HP (31.68%) by thirty four basis points (1% is equal to 100 basis points.).


Average Mountaineering Expedition Duration (Days)

Average Mountaineering Expedition Duration (Days) in 2015

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