Bhagirathi II, Chamser Kangri, Hanuman Tibba I in Numbers: 2010-14

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Bhagirathi II was the sixth top peak in the study period. Chamser Kangri and Hanuman Tibba I shared eighth spot on the basis of total number of attempts made. Here are peak infographics for more details. Click on an image to watch slideshow.

Bhagirathi II (Uttarakhand)

Indian climbers made eleven attempts in 302 days, whereas Romania and USA made two attempts in fifty-two (52) days. On average 2.6 attempts were made.

The peak was attempted every year but foreign expeditions were limited to 2013-14 only. The number of attempts was the highest (4) in 2014 and the lowest (1) in 2010. Indian mountaineers were from five different states: Delhi, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal.

More than 90% expeditions were 1-peak expeditions. Rajasthan and Romania took the shortest time to complete an attempt: 19 days each. About 70% expeditions were successful, an impressive success rate.

Chamser Kangri (Jammu Kashmir)

Indian mountaineers attempted Chamser every year. However, there were no foreign expeditions to the peak during the study period.

Ten attempts were made in 257 days. Three fifth expeditions were 2-peak expeditions and the remaining were 1-peak expeditions.

Rajasthan expedition was the shortest (11 days), followed by Delhi (14 days), Maharashtra (18 days), and West Bengal (21 days).

The peak recorded very good success rate, 70%. Interestingly, Chamser registered success every year except in 2014.


Hanuman Tibba I (Himachal Pradesh)

Like Chamser, only Indian climbers attempted Hanuman Tibba I. West Bengal organized the highest number of expeditions (7 | 70%), followed by Maharashtra (2 | 20%), and Delhi (1 | 10%). They attempted the peak every year except in 2010. The number of expeditions was flat from 2011 to 2012. However, the number increased by 300% in 2013 and again remained there in the following year. So the graph with two plateaus looks like inverted English letter Z.


Number of Expeditions to Hanuman Tibba I during 2010-14

All expeditions but one were 1-peak expeditions. Overall average expeditions duration was 24.75 days. Expeditions from Delhi were the shortest (6 days) and that from West Bengal were the longest (36 days).

The peak showed poor success rate, just 30%.

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