British Mountaineers Spend 397 Days in Jammu Kashmir

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Number of Peaks Attempted By British Climbers

Mountaineers from United Kingdom spent more than two years in the Indian Himalayas during the study period. Their favorite mountaineering destination was Jammu and Kashmir but they did not climb peaks in Sikkim. They preferred peaks ranging from 6,000 meters to 6,499 meters. On an average, they attempted five peaks every year. But none of the peaks was attempted five or more than five times.

Peak Altitude and Expedition Duration

British climbers loved 6000-6499 meter peak altitude the most. They organized twelve (12 | 44.44%) expeditions to this category peaks. Slightly more than one fourth (7 | 25.93%) of expeditions explored peaks of 7000-7499 meter altitude category. Their third favorite peak altitude was 6500-6999 meter (5 | 22.32%). Around 11% expeditions were to 5500-5999 meter peaks.

British neither organized expeditions to peaks of 5000-5499 meter nor 7500-7999 meter category.

They spent 838 days (119.39 weeks) in the Indian Himalayas during five year study period. Distribution of expedition days among peak altitude categories was similar to distribution of number of expeditions to the categories. For example, the highest number of expedition days (335 | 39.98%) were spent in attempting the peaks from the most popular altitude category (6000-6499 meter).  

Overall average expedition duration was slightly more than a month (31.04 days).

Average duration of the expeditions to the most popular altitude category was the shortest (27.92 days per expedition), followed by 5500-5999 meter category (30.33 days), 7000-7499 meter category (32.14 days).

They took the longest time (37.40 days per expedition) to complete expeditions to peaks falling in 6500-6999 meter category.

It is therefore safe to conclude expedition duration does not increase with an increase in peak altitude.

Peak Altitude Choices of British Climbers

Favorite Destination

Britons spent more than one year (1.09 Years | 397 days | 47.37% of total days spent climbing in the 4 Indian Himalayan states) in Jammu and Kashmir. They attempted thirteen (13 | 52%) peaks in the state.

The second most favorite mountaineering destination was Uttarakhand where they spent 315 days (37.59%) or 44.88 weeks exploring seven (7 | 28%) peaks. Himachal Pradesh, the third favorite spot, accounted for just 15.04% of total days spent in the range. In 126 days, Britons attempted five (5 | 20%) peaks in HP.

Britons did not go to Sikkim for mountaineering.

On an average they took 30.54 days to complete an expedition to JK. Average duration of HP (31.50 days) and Uttarakhand (31.50 days) expeditions was the same although they spent 150% more days in the latter state.

Preferred Himalayan States of British Mountaineers

The word cloud shows 25 peaks attempted by British climbers in three Himalayan states during 2010-14. The font size of the peak name depicts number of attempts made on the peak.

The word cloud shows 25 peaks attempted by British climbers in three Himalayan states during 2010-14. The font size of the peak name depicts number of attempts made on the peak. 

Britons attempted only one peak thrice: Satopanth (Uttarakhand). Three peaks were attempted twice each: Shivling (Uttarakhand), Nun (JK), and Teltop (JK). The remaining sixteen (16) peaks were attempted once.

Peaks per Expedition

British Mountaineers: Single- vs Multi-Peak Expeditions

More than 88% British expeditions were 1-peak expeditions. The remaining (3 | 11.11%) were 2-peak expeditions.

All British expeditions to Uttarakhand were 1-peak expeditions. More than 84% of JK expeditions were 1-peak expeditions. Three fourth HP expeditions were 1-peak expeditions.

British Expedition Success Rate

Interestingly, overall success and failure rates were equal (37.04%): ten expeditions were successful and ten expeditions were unsuccessful.

Success rate of the expeditions to Jammu Kashmir was the highest (53.85%), followed by HP expeditions (50%).

Success rate of Uttarakhand expeditions was the lowest (10%).

British Expedition Status

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