Deo Tibba Mountain: 2nd Most Popular Peak in 2010-14

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Deo Tibba, the meeting place of gods, was the second most popular Himalayan peak during 2010-14. The peak was attempted twenty-four times during the study period. More than 91% attempts were made by the Indian climbers.


Location: Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

Altitude: 6,001 meters/19,668 feet


1939-1951: Reconnaissance and attempts were made from different directions.

1952: First Ascent by J. de V. Graaff and his wife. In fact, two successful attempts were made in the year.

1971: Maiden complete traverse of the peak

Several successful skiing descents

Vantage Points

  • Chandrakhani Pass (3,650 meters)
  • Gulaba Peak
  • Hampta Pass (4,268 meters)
  • Jagatsukh Peak (17,155 feet)
  • Manali Pass (4,998 meters)
  • Seri Meadow (3,900 meters)
  • Solang to Dhundi Trail
  • Tisri (3,180 meters)

Highlights of 2010-14 

The Indian mountaineers attempted the mountain every year during the study period. However, their foreign counter parts attempted Deo Tibba mountain in 2011 and 2012 only. French and Japanese climbers spent thirty-six (36) days in two expeditions.

As a whole, slightly more than 54% expeditions were successful. Success rate of foreign expeditions was 50% and that of Indian was 55%.

Three of top Indian climber states organized expeditions to the mountain: Delhi (2), Maharashtra (4), and West Bengal (12).

French climbers took the shortest time (11 days) to complete an expedition, followed by Delhi (14 days), and Himachal Pradesh (20 days).

Deo Tibba Mountain in Himachal Pradesh: 2nd Most Popular Peak in 2010-14

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