Expedition Wise Success Rate in Mountaineering during 2010-14

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In the half decade, slightly more than half of expeditions (247 | 50.31%) were successful, i.e. mountaineers climbed the summit of the peak. Twenty-five (25 | 5.09%) expeditions that attempted more than one peak in an expedition recorded success on a peak (s) and failure on other peak (s). The number of unsuccessful expedition amounted to 187 (38.09%). For the remaining expeditions, information was not available when data was compiled.

Status of All Mountaineering Expeditions to Indian Himalayas during 2010-14   The number of total successful expeditions was the highest (57) in 2011, followed by 56 in 2012. The number increased substantially in 2011. Then fell marginally in 2012 as compared to the previous year and continued to plummet in the next two years. The number of total unsuccessful expeditions was the highest (43) in 2010. Thereafter, it fluctuated but was below forty.

Year Wise Status of All Expeditions during 2010-14

Indian vs. Foreign Success Rate

More than half of the foreign expeditions (98 | 52.13%) were successful. The Indian success rate was slightly lower (149 | 49.17%). However, actual number of successful Indian expeditions was much higher than that of foreign expeditions. The Indian mountaineers tasted failure during more number of expeditions (120 | 39.60%) than their foreign counter parts (67 | 35.64%).

Status of All Mountaineering Expeditions during 2010-14: Foreign vs. Indian The foreign expeditions recorded maximum number of successes (26) in 2011. In the remaining four years, the number was lower than twenty. The Indian expeditions registered the highest number of successes (37) in 2012. Thereafter, the number fell.

Year Wise Expedition Status: Foreign vs. Indian

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