Which were Favorite Climbing Trips of Mountaineers from Delhi?

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They loved climbing trips to the Uttarakhand Himalayas. During 2010-14, half of the trips (17 | 50%) were to Uttarakhand.

Their second most favorite destination for climbing trips was Jammu and Kashmir (10 | 29.41%), followed by Himachal Pradesh (7 | 20.59%).

Like mountaineers from Maharashtra, mountaineers from Delhi also did not organize any mountaineering trips to Sikkim.

Made thirty-nine (39) attempts on thirty (30) peaks in thirty (34) expeditions.


Delhi Mountaineers: Total Peaks, Attempts, & Expeditions

Peak Selection

Himalayan State Share in Total Peaks Attempted by Mountaineers from Delhi

Attempted six (6) peaks per year on an average.

Selected half of the peaks from the Uttarakhand Himalayas (15 | 50%). The remaining half were from Jammu and Kashmir (9 | 30%) and Himachal Pradesh (6 | 20%).


Preferred peaks from three different categories of altitude. The peaks with altitude ranging from 6,500 meters to 6,999 meters were the top choice (11 Expeditions = 316 Days). Two altitude categories scored the second spot: 6,000-6,499 meters (9 Expeditions = 20 Days) and 7,000-7,499 meters (9 Expeditions = 228 Days).

Peak Altitude Preferences of Delhi Mountaineers

Average expedition duration for these three categories was 28.73 days, 22.78 days, and 25.33 days respectively.

Organized just one (1) expedition to 5,000-5,499 meter peaks.

Organized only two (2) expeditions to 7,500-7,999 meter peaks probably because there are not many open peaks in this category.

Since Delhi mountaineers did not attempt even one peak for five times, I could not decide their favorite peak.

Since Delhi mountaineers did not attempt even one peak for five times, I could not decide their favorite peak.

Word cloud showing thirty peaks attempted by Delhi Mountaineers during 2010-14

Peaks attempted by Mountaineers from Delhi >1 and

Attempted six peaks more than once but less than five times.

Preferred 1-peak expeditions (> 85%). The remaining expeditions were 2- or 4-peak expeditions.

Did not organize a 3-peak expedition.

Organized 6.8 expeditions per year during the study period.

State Wise Peaks Attempted Per Expedition


Expedition Duration

Spent 873 days (2.39 Years | 28.70 Months) in three Himalayan states.

Overall average duration of an expedition was 25.68 days.

Spent 502 days climbing in Uttarakhand, 57.50% of total mountaineering days spent in the Indian Himalayas.

On an average, Uttarakhand climbing trips were the longest (29.53 days per expedition), followed by Himachal Pradesh (22.14 days), and Jammu and Kashmir (21.60 days).


State Wise Total and Average Expedition Duration

Success Rate


Based on number of attempts, success rate of Uttarakhand climbing trips was the highest (66.67%), followed by Himachal Pradesh (57.14%), and Jammu and Kashmir (18.18%). However, the mountaineers made more attempts in JK (11) than HP (7).

State Wise Number of Total and Successful Attempts on Himalayan Peaks

State Wise Status of All Expeditions

Success rate based on the number of expeditions also followed the same trend.

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