Geographical profile of foreign mountaineering expeditions to Indian Himalayas in 1980

Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria dominated demand side of the Indian mountaineering market in 1980. Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir topped the supply side of the market. More findings about the geographical profile of foreign mountaineering expeditions to the Indian Himalayas follow:

11 countries in 4 continents


Mountaineers from eleven (11) countries attempted peaks in three (3) Indian Himalayan states, Jammu and Kashmir (JK), Himachal Pradesh (HP), and Uttarakhand (UK). They skipped Sikkim.

(Note: Uttarakhand, the new state, was created out of Uttar Pradesh in 2000. The new state Uttarakhand consists of the Himalayan Mountains and nearby areas. )

The countries are located in four (4) different continents: America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Europe accounted for the highest number (34) of total sixty-one (61) foreign expeditions, followed by Asia (24). Interestingly, all twenty-four (24) Asian expeditions were from one country Japan.


Continent-wise share of foreign mountaineering expeditions to 3 Indian Himalayan states in 1980


The European expeditions were from eight (8) different countries:

  1. Austria
  2. The Netherlands
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Poland
  7. Spain
  8. United Kingdom

Although, in terms of continents, Europe was the largest source of foreign expeditions (34 | 56%), Japan, in terms of countries, was the biggest source of the expeditions (24 | 39%).

Only three (3 | 37%) countries the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria contributed 76.47% of the European mountaineering traffic.


Share of countries in total European mountaineering traffic to Indian Himalayas in 1980


Three (3) countries contributed just one (1) expedition each and four (4) countries organized two (2) expeditions each. Expeditions from Austria and Germany were seven (7) and eight (8) respectively. The number of expeditions from Japan and the United Kingdom was in double digits.


Share of all countries in total foreign mountaineering expeditions to Indian Himalayas in 1980


Climbing area preferences of 4 top foreign mountaineering markets


Share of countries in total foreign mountaineering expeditions to Uttarpradesh / Uttarakhand


Foreign mountaineers preferred Uttarakhand (28 expeditions | 46%) and Jammu and Kashmir (24 expeditions | 39%) for a mountaineering holiday in the Indian Himalayas. The third popular mountaineering destination was Himachal Pradesh with just nine (9 | 15%) expeditions.

Favorite climbing area of Japanese mountaineers


Foreign expeditions from 4 top mountaineering markets


Two third of Japanese expeditions visited Uttarakhand. The Japanese mountaineers also attempted peaks in JK and HP, but the total number of expeditions to these two states was just eight (8), 50% of the total Japanese expeditions to Uttarakhand.


Favorite climbing area of British mountaineers


British mountaineers preferred JK and HP. They organized five (5) expeditions in each state. Uttarakhand received just one (1) British expedition.

Favorite climbing area of German mountaineers


German mountaineers skipped Himachal Pradesh. Their most preferred state was JK (5 expeditions). Germany sent just three (3) expeditions to Uttarakhand.

Chosen climbing area of Austrian mountaineers


Austrians attempted peaks in all three (3) states. However, maximum number of Austrian expeditions explored mountains in JK.

Preferred climbing area of other countries


Preferred Himalayan states of foreign mountaineers


All eight (8) European countries except France attempted peaks in Uttarakhand. French mountaineers organized expeditions in JK Himalayas only.

Australian, Dutch, Polish, and Spanish mountaineers attempted peaks in Uttarakhand only.

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