Total Mountaineering Holiday Days Spent in Himalayas during 2010-14

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During the half decade, mountaineers spend 13,817 days in the Indian Himalayas. That means more than thirty-seven (37) years or about 454 months. In these many days, the earth completes more than 37 revolutions of the sun.

Indian mountaineers accounted for slightly more than 59% of the total days. The foreign climbers accounted for the remaining.

Total Number of Days Spent by Mountaineers in the Indian Himalayas during 2010-14

The number of days spent by foreign mountaineers continued to fall until 2013. The fall was maximum (22.88%) in 2013. However, in the last year of the study period, it recovered, an increase of more than 68% in the days spent in the range was recorded.

The number of days spent by Indians fell by 3% in 2011 and then rose by 16% in the next year. Again it plummeted by 18% and 7% in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Trends in Time Spent by Mountaineers in Indian Himalayas during 2010-14

I was just trying to estimate the revenue generated from these long mountaineering holidays. If a mountaineer spent INR 3,000 per day during her/his stay in the mountain, the Himalayas would have earned INR 41,451,000 per mountaineer. If we take the high end rates i.e. INR 5,000 per day, per person, the revenue would have amounted to INR 69,085,000 per mountaineer. Various service providers in the four Himalayan states would have got a tiny piece of the revenue.


Share of 4 States in Number of Days Spent in Indian Himalayas during 2010-14


Uttarakhand hosted the mountaineers for the longest period (701.71 weeks), followed by Himachal Pradesh (667 weeks), Jammu and Kashmir (570 weeks), and Sikkim (22.57 weeks).




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