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German Mountaineering Expeditions: Key Findings

Uttarakhand was the favorite destination of Germany mountaineers on three counts: Total Expedition Days, Total Number of Peaks, and Success Rate.

Germans spent more than half of their Indian mountaineering holidays in Uttarakhand (54.26% | 223 days) during the study period, 2010-14, and the remaining in Jammu and Kashmir (45.74% | 188 days).

They did not attempt even one peak in Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim.

More than 60% peaks selected are in Uttarakhand.


8 Himalayans peaks attempted by German mountaineers during 2010-14

8 Himalayans peaks attempted by German mountaineers during 2010-14

They attempted just 1.6 peaks per year.

They did not attempt even one peak for five or more times. No peak thus satisfy the definition of favorite peak.

They attempted Kun four times, Nun and Shivling thrice each, and Stok Kangri twice.

All German expeditions were single peak expeditions.

Annual expedition rate was 3.8 expeditions.

Aggregate expedition success rate was 56.25%.

Uttarakhand recorded highest expedition success rate (57.14%).


German Mountaineers: Peak Altitude Choices

The favorite peak altitude was 7000-7499 meter, where they spent 188 days to complete eight (8 | 50%) expeditions.

The second favorite peak altitude category was 6500-6999 meter, where four (4 | 25%) expeditions took 126 days.

No peaks were selected from the lowest two categories: 5000-5499 meter and 5500-5999 meter.


State Wise German Expedition Duration

In aggregate terms, average expedition duration was 25.69 days.

Average expedition duration was not directly proportional to the peak altitude. For example, average expedition duration was 23.50 days for 7000-7499 meter category, whereas 31.50 days for 6500-6999 meter category.

Uttarakhand expeditions were longer (31.86 days / expedition) than JK expeditions (20.89 days / expedition).


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