Indian Mountaineering Product Analysis: Top 25 Peaks during 2010-14

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During 2010-14, total 212 peaks were attempted in the Indian Himalayas. Out of these twenty five (25) peaks satisfy our definition of popular peaks. All popular peaks are located in three Himalayan states: Jammu and Kashmir (JK), Himachal Pradesh (HP), and Uttarakhand (UK).

Share of 4 States in Top 25 Peaks

HP and UK accounted for 40% each of top twenty-five (25) peaks during the study period.

The remaining 20% peaks were in JK.

Sikkim did not contribute even one peak to the top 25 list.

However, in terms of total number of attempts, HP topped (103 | 36.01%), followed by UK (95 | 33.21%) and JK (88 | 30.76%).



The popular peaks are further divided into two categories:

  1. Peaks attempted >=5 and < 10 times
  1. Peaks attempted >=10 times


11 Peaks Attempted >=10 Times

JK and UK accounted for 36% (4) each to this category. The remaining 27% (3) peaks are in HP.

Only 4 peaks were attempted more than twenty (20) times: Kun (JK), Deo Tibba (HP), Nun (JK), and Stok Kangri (JK). None of the peaks in the Uttarakhand Himalayas recorded >=20 attempts.

4 Indian Himalayan States: 11 Peaks that Recorded 10 or More Attempts during 2010-14

14 Peaks Attempted >=5 and < 10 Times

HP contributed half of the peaks (7) to this category. UK accounted for 42.86% peaks (6) of this category. Only one peak from this category is in JK.

Three (3) peaks from HP and UK topped this category: Kedardome (9), Menthosa (9), and Chandra Bhaga (CB) (9).


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