Insights into Spanish Mountaineering Expeditions to Himalayas

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Are you selling Himalayan mountaineering expedition packages to Spanish climbers? Focus on peaks in Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand. Because they explored peaks in these two Himalayan states during 2010-14. Stok Kangri was there only favorite peak that they successfully climbed fourteen (14) times during the study period.

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Peaks and Expedition Duration

Spanish’s first preference was peaks falling in 6000-6499 meter altitude category. Sixteen (16 | 72.73%) expeditions explored peaks of this category for 319 days (63.29%).

Their second preference was peak altitude ranging from 7,000 meters to 7,499 meters. Four (4 | 18.18%) expeditions spent 122 days (24.21%) in attempting these peaks.


Peak Altitude Preferences of Spanish Climbers

The 6500-6999 meter category drew only two (2 | 9.09%) Spanish expeditions that consumed sixty-three (63 | 12.50%) days.

They did not explore peaks from three categories: 5000-5499 meter, 5500-5999 meter, and 7500-7999 meter.

In aggregate terms, average Spanish expedition duration was 22.91 days.

They took the lowest time (19.94 days / expedition) to complete 6000-6499 category expeditions, followed by 7000-7499 category expeditions (30.50 days), and 6500-6999 category expeditions (31.50 days).

Out of total 504 days spent climbing in the Indian Himalayas, almost three fourth (374 days | 74.21%) were spent in Jammu and Kashmir. The remaining one fourth (130 days | 25.79%) were spent in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Spanish took more time to complete Uttarakhand expeditions (32.50 days / expedition) than Jammu and Kashmir expeditions (20.78 days / expedition).

Favorite Himalayan State of Spanish Mountaineers

They attempted just six (6) peaks: three (3) each in Jammu and Kashmir and Uttarakhand.

  1. Bhagirathi III
  2. Kedardome
  3. Kun
  4. Nun
  5. Shivling
  6. Stok Kangri

Annual peak rate was 1.2 peaks.

Annual expedition rate was 4.4 expeditions.

Expedition Success Rate

Spanish Expedition Status
All twenty-two (22) expeditions were 1-peak expeditions. 81.82% (18) expeditions were to Jammu and Kashmir Himalayas and the remaining were to Uttarakhand Himalayas.

77.27% (17) expeditions were successful. Success rate of Uttarakhand expeditions was the lowest (25%). More than 88% JK expeditions were successful.

Spanish climbers loved Jammu and Kashmir.


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