Jammu Kashmir Steals Foreign Mountaineers’ Heart

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Jammu and Kashmir successfully drew maximum attention of foreign mountaineers during 2010-14. I studied this trend in detail for top five mountaineer countries: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Japan, and France. Interestingly European nations dominated top five. So Europeans are more adventurous.

Number of Peaks Attempted

Top five countries attempted just sixty-three (63) peaks in the Indian Himalayas. Annual peak rate thus was about thirteen (12.60).

These country mountaineers explored maximum number of peaks in JK (27 | 42.86%). Their second favorite destination was Uttarakhand, where they attempted twenty-one peaks (21 | 33.33%). Less than one quarter of total peaks are in Himachal Pradesh (15 | 23.81%).

JK also recorded the highest number of attempts (54 | 56.25%), followed up Uttarakhand (27 | 28.13%) and HP (15 | 15.63%).

Number of Expeditions

The highest number of expeditions headed to Jammu and Kashmir (52 | 57.78%), followed by Uttarakhand (27 | 30%) and Himachal Pradesh (11 | 12.22%). Sikkim did not appeal to foreign countries.

Expedition Duration

The top five spent 2,612 days (7.16 years) in the Indian Himalayas. More than half of these were spent in Jammu Kashmir Himalayas (1,343 days | 51.42%).  The share of HP was the lowest (373 days | 14.28%). The remaining days were spent in Uttarakhand (896 days | 34.30%).

The top five completed JK expeditions in the shortest time, 25.83 days per expedition on average. Average duration of Uttarakhand expeditions was 33.19 days and that of HP expeditions was the highest, 33.91 days.

Annual Expedition vs Peak Rate

JK also had the highest expedition (10.40 expeditions per year on average) and peak (5.40 peaks per year) rates. Uttarakhand recorded the second highest expedition (5.40) and peak (4.20) rates. In the case of HP, expedition rate (2.20) was lower than the peak rate (3.00) unlike top two states.

Success Rate

JK registered the highest state-specific success rate (71.15%), overall success rate (41.11%), and success share (69.81%). Uttarakhand was the second top destination on the basis of the overall (10%) and success share (16.98%) rates. HP recorded the second highest state-specific success rate (63.64%).


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