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For thirty-eight (38) expeditions, these mountaineers selected forty-one (41) peaks from three Himalayan states during 2010-14: Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand.

Word Cloud of Names of 41 Peaks Attempted by Mountaineers from Maharashtra

Word Cloud of Names of 41 Peaks Attempted by Mountaineers from Maharashtra


Favorite Mountaineering Destination

They selected the highest number of peaks (20 | 48.78%) from the Himachal Pradesh Himalayas. Himachal also recorded the highest number of expeditions (20) and the highest number of attempts (27). They spent slightly more than half of the total days spent on mountaineering in Himachal Pradesh.

The second most preferred destination was Uttarakhand with more than 30% peaks (13 | 31.71%).

Jammu and Kashmir was the third preferred destination (8 | 19.51%).


Share of Himalayan States in Total Peaks Attempted By Mountaineers from Maharashtra during 2010-14

State Wise Distribution of Total and Average Expedition Duration

They spent 1,000 days (142.27 weeks) climbing the peaks in the Indian Himalayas but ironically they did not spent even one day in the Sikkim Himalayas.

Out of 142 weeks, more than 71 weeks (501 days) were spent in Himachal Pradesh, 43.31 weeks (304 days) in Uttarakhand and 27.78 weeks (195 days) in Jammu and Kashmir. The average expedition duration was 26.32 days.



On an average, they attempted 8.2 peaks per year during the study period.

However, they did not attempt any peak five or more than five times. Thus, neither peak meets the definition of the top peak.

They attempted one peak four times, one peak three times, and three peaks twice each. Out of these five peaks four are in Himachal Pradesh and one in Uttarakhand. The remaining twenty-eight (28) peaks were attempted once each.

Peaks Attempted by Mountaineers from Maharashtra >1 and <5 times


Peaks Attempted per Expedition

State Wise Peaks Attempted Per Expedition

Maharashtrians preferred one peak per expedition because more than three-fourth expeditions (76.32%) were 1-peak expeditions.

The share of 2-peak expeditions was just 18.42% and that of 3-peak expeditions was 5.26%. All 3-peak expeditions were organized in Himachal Pradesh.


Favorite Peak Altitude: 6000-6499 meters

Their preferred peak altitude category was 6,000-6,499 meters. More than 71% expeditions were from this category.

The second most favorite altitude category was 5,500-5,999 meters with more than 15% expeditions.

No peak was attempted from the lowest peak category, 5000-5499 meters.

Only one expedition was organized to a peak of 7500-7999 meters altitude category.


Peak Altitude (Meters) Wise Distribution of Expeditions and Total and Average Duration

Success Rate

State Wise Successful Attempts vs. Expeditions

Out of forty-nine (49) attempts on forty-one (41) peaks only twenty-one (21 | 42.86%) attempts were successful.

Although Maharashtrians made the maximum attempts in Himachal Pradesh (27), attempt success rate was the highest in Jammu and Kashmir (62.50%). However, expedition success rate of both these states was the same (50%).

Both attempt (35.71%) and expedition (25%) success rates of Uttarakhand was the lowest.

Overall success rate of Maharashtra was around 42% in terms of number of expeditions as well as number of attempts.


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