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Shivling peak requiring mountaineering skills accounted for thirteen attempts, the sixth highest number of attempts on any peak in the study period. This conical peak is named after Hindu god Shiva.


Location: Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Altitude: 6,543 meters / 21,466 feet


1938: Recce by climbers from Austria

1974: First ascent by Indian climber Hukam Singh

Vantage Points

Gangotri Glacier

Kalindi Khal

Highlights of 2010-14

Shivling recorded thirteen attempts in equal number of expeditions in 431 days. Foreign expeditions (69.23% | 9) were more than double than the Indian expeditions (30.8% | 4).

Foreign expeditions originated from eight different countries in four different continents. European expeditions dominated the foreign expeditions.

Indian expeditions were slightly shorter than foreign expeditions.

Shivling received expeditions in all five years of the study period. However, the number of expeditions plummeted from four in 2010 to one in the following year, a fall of 75%. In 2012, it grew by 100% and remained unchanged in the next year. In the last year of the period, the number increased by 100% and touched the level of the first year of the period.

Overall success rate was 53.85% (7). Success rate of foreign expeditions (55.55% | 5) was higher than that of Indian expeditions (50% | 2).

Shivling in Uttarakhand, the 6th Popular Himalayan Peak

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