Stok Kangri in Numbers

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The highest point of the Stok Range, Stok Kangri (Kanglhajhal), does not require mountaineering skills during summers. Seasoned trekkers can easily conquer this six-thousander in the season. The peak offers beautiful views of the Greater Himalayas. For example, the peak commands views of Kun, Mount Kailash, Nanga Parbat, and Nun.


Location: Zanskar Range, Jammu and Kashmir

Altitude: 6,153 meters / 20,081 feet

Shape: Triangular summit


1951: First Ascent

Vantage Points

  • Khardungla Pass
  • Leh Town
  • Phyang Village
  • Stok Village

Highlights of 2010-14

Stok Kangri that recorded twenty-one (21) attempts in the study period was the fourth popular Himalayan peak. However, all the attempts were made by foreign climbers. The twenty-one expeditions took 332 days (10.9 months). Annual expedition rate therefore was 4.2.

Spanish accounted for slightly more than two third expeditions (66.67% | 14). Germany, Italy, and Japan organized two expeditions each. The remaining expeditions were from Czech Republic (4.76% | 1).

During five-year study period, the peak was attempted every year except in 2014. Years 2011 and 2012 recorded six expeditions each. In the following year, number of expeditions fell by two.

Czech and Italian climbers took four and five days on average respectively to complete an expedition. Average duration of Japanese and Spanish expeditions was the longest (18 days).

Interestingly, all expeditions were successful (100% | 21).

All 21 expeditions to Stok Kangri during 2010-14 were successful.

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