Success and failure rate of foreign mountaineering expeditions to Indian Himalayas in 2014

Only 39% foreign mountaineering expeditions to the Indian Himalayas were successful during 2014. Slightly more than 29% expeditions were unsuccessful. Information was not available for 32% expeditions at the time of writing the report.


Share of Successful and Unsuccessful Foreign Expeditions


A Comparison of Success and Failure of Joint and Single-Country Expeditions

Half of the joint expeditions were successful. Only 36% single-country expeditions were successful. However, joint expeditions were just eight (8) and single-country expeditions were thirty-three (33).

Success Rate of Joint and Single-Country Expeditions

Success rate of expeditions from Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, and Ukraine was 100%.  Half of the Austrian expeditions were successful and half were unsuccessful.


Country Wise Expedition Success and Failure Rate

In case of The United Kingdom, share of successful and unsuccessful expeditions was equal (30% each). Information was not available for the remaining 40% of expeditions.


More than 66% of German expeditions were successful. However, success rate and failure rate of American expeditions were 33% respectively.


All expeditions to Himachal Pradesh were successful. Only 53% expeditions to Jammu and Kashmir were successful. Success rate in Uttarakhand was just 17%. In case of Uttarakhand, information was unavailable for 50% of expeditions.


State Wise Expedition Success and Failure Rate


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