What was Success Rate of Top 25 Himalayan Peaks during 2010-14?

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Success rate means percentage of successful attempts (i.e. reaching the summit of the peak) made on a peak. The success rate of top 25 Himalayan peaks of 2010-14 was much less than 60%.

Success Rate of Top 25 Himalayan Peaks Attempted during 2010-14


Total Attempts vs. Success Rate


The peak wise success rate was not directly proportional to the total number of attempts made on a peak by all the expeditions.


For example, the mountaineers attempted Gangotri I five (5) times during the study period. All five attempts were successful. Another set of climbers successfully tried Stok Kangri twenty-one times. The success rate of both the peaks thus was 100%. The success rate of the remaining top 22 peaks was less than 100.

Although Kun recorded the highest number of attempts (27), the success rate was just 55.56%.

In case of Deo Tibba with 24 attempts, the second most popular peak, the success rate was just 54.17%.

The success rate of the third top peak, Nun, was less than 50%.

Success rate of three peaks, Lungser Kangri, Thalay Sagar, and Thelu, was the same, 50% each. However, the number of attempts were not the same: The number was eight (8), six (6), and six (6) respectively.

Success rate of eleven (11) top peaks was less than 50%.

0 Success Rate

Indrasan was the only top peak that did not open its ascent account. All six attempts except one attempt whose outcome was not known at the time of data compilation were a failure.

Aggregate Success Rate of Himalayan States

State Wise Success Rate for Top Himalayan Peaks during 2010-14


Although only five (5) top peaks were located in Jammu and Kashmir. These five peaks registered fifty-seven (57) attempts during the study period. The success rate of these peaks was 64.77%, the highest among four Himalayan states.

Ten (10) top peaks in Uttarakhand were attempted ninety-five (95) times. Out of which fifty-two (52 | 54.74%) attempts were successful.

Ten (10) top peaks in Himachal Pradesh were attempted 105 times. Out of which fifty-three (53 | 50.47%) attempts were successful.

Sikkim did not contribute any peaks to top 25 peaks.

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