Which Peaks in Himachal Pradesh Himalayas Drew Mountaineers More Consistently during 2010-14?

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Climbers attempted seventy (70) peaks during the period. Out of which ten (10) peaks were attempted five or more than five times.

Four peaks were member of three different peak groups:

  1. Chandra Bhaga (CB) (2 peaks)
  2. Koa Rong Range (KR) (1 peak)
  3. Hanuman Tibba (1 peak)

The remaining six peaks were individual peaks.

Himachal Pradesh Himalayas: Top 10 Peaks during 2010-14

Deo Tibba, an Individual Peak

Foreign and Indian mountaineers attempted Deo Tibba twenty-four (24) times. Foreign attempts were just two during 2011-2012. Indians attempted the peak twenty-two (22) times and every year during the study period. However, the number of Indian attempts was the highest in 2010. Thereafter it fluctuated. In 2012, it was the lowest at two (2).

Deo Tibba: Number of Climbing Attempts Made during 2010-14

Hanuman Tibba Peak Group

The group of two peaks recorded thirteen (13) number of attempts. None of these were foreign. Hanuman Tibba I recorded 76.92% (10) of attempts during 2011-14. The first year of the study period did not receive any expeditions to the peaks. Only Indian climbers attempted Hanuman Tibba II thrice.

Hanuman Tibba I & II: Number of Climbing Attempts Made during 2010-14

Peak Altitude vs. Climbing Frequency

Peaks and valleys of the climbing frequency graph did not follow the increase or decrease in height of the peaks. For example, barely 6,000 meter tall Deo Tibba (6,001 meters) was attempted twenty-four (24) times, whereas Manirang (6,593 meters) was attempted just eight (8) times.

Himachal Pradesh Himalayas: Altitude vs. Climbing Frequency of 14 Popular Peaks during 2010-14

Number of Attempts vs. Number of Peaks

More than half of the peaks (37 | 53%) were attempted just once. Just three (3 | 4.28%) peaks were attempted fifty-four (54 | 26.73%) times: Hanuman Tibba I, Yunam, and Deo Tibba.

Himachal Pradesh Himalayas: Number of Climbing Attempts vs. %Age of Peaks Attempted during 2010-14

Average climbing frequency was 2.88 attempts per peak.

The following six peaks were major outliers in terms of total number of attempts:

  1. Manirang (8)
  2. Chandra Bhaga (CB) 13 (9)
  3. Menthosa (9)
  4. Hanuman Tibba I (10)
  5. Unnamed-6113 (Yunam) (18)
  6. Deo Tibba (24)


Peak Preferences: Foreign vs. Indian Mountaineers

Foreign mountaineers made twenty-eight (28) attempts on twenty-one (21) peaks during the 5-year period. Average climbing frequency was 1.3 attempts per peak.

Indian mountaineers made 174 attempts on fifty-six (56) peaks. Average climbing frequency was 3.10 attempts per peak.

7 peaks were attempted by both:

  1. Deo Tibba
  2. Manirang
  3. Indrasan
  4. Shiva
  5. White Sail (Dharamsura)
  6. Unnamed-6105
  7. Chandra Bhaga (CB) 9

Foreign climbers made maximum four attempts on a single peak i.e. Ladakhi. Only 4 peaks registered two attempts each: (1) Deo Tibba, (2) Friendship, (3) Unnamed-6030, and (4) White Sail (Dharamsura).

Number of Indian attempts on Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba I, and Unnamed-6113 (Yunam) peaks amounted to double digits.

Himachal Pradesh Himalayas: 14 Favorite Peaks of Foreign and Indian Mountaineers during 2010-14

Peak Groups vs. Individual Peaks

During 2010-14, five peak groups recorded sixty-one (61) attempts on seventeen (17) peaks.

Although Chandra Bhaga (CB), the largest peak group, i.e. the group with the highest number of peaks attempted, did record the maximum number of attempts, higher the number of peaks in a group, higher the number of attempts was not true.

For example, Koa Rong Range (KR) with four peaks recorded fourteen (14) attempts, whereas Hanuman Tibba with two peaks also registered thirteen (13) attempts. The Mulkilas (M) with three peaks recorded just five (5) attempts.

Peak Groups in Himachal Pradesh: Total Attempts Made on the Group Peaks vs. Number of Peaks Attempted per Group during 2010-14

Deo Tibba, an individual peak, gave tough challenge to Chandra Bhaga (CB), the group of six (6) peaks. Both the individual peak and the group were attempted twenty-four (24) times each.

A Comparison of Number of Cimbing Attempts Made on Individual Peaks and Peak Groups in Himachal Pradesh during 2010-14


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