Yunam: Non-Technical Peak Records 18 Indian Expeditions

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Stok Kangri and Yunam, the 4th and 5th popular Himalayan peaks, have something in common. Both are six thousanders. Neither of the peaks could lure both foreign and Indian mountaineers during the study period. Stok Kangri attracted foreign expeditions in the study period, whereas Yunam drew attention of Indian expeditions only.

This non-technical peak with an altitude of 6,113 meters / 20,055 feet is located in Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.

Highlights of 2010-14

Indian mountaineers made eighteen (18) attempts on Yunam in equal number of expeditions during the study period. Annual expedition rate therefore was 3.6. The number of expeditions fluctuated from two in 2010 to four in the next year, an increase of 100%. The number fell to three, a decline of 25%, in 2012. In the following year, the number increased by 66.7%. It recorded decline of 20% in the next year.

Mountaineers from two Indian states, West Bengal and Maharashtra, made these attempts in 421 days.  West Bengal climbers made more than 80% attempts to Yunam.  Average duration of Bengali expeditions was shorter than that of Maharashtrian expeditions.

More than 88% expeditions were successful.

Yunam: Non-Technical Peak Records 18 Indian Expeditions

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