What is Trekking Peak Fee?

Trekking peak fee means an amount of money paid for attempting a trekking peak in the Indian Himalayas. The fee applies to foreign climbing expeditions.

Although Indian Mountaineering Foundation (I.M.F.) offers almost 50% discount on climbing peak fee to draw foreign mountaineers during Climbing Season 2020 yet no discount on trekking peaks. The foundation collects US$100 from a 2-member foreign team and US$50 for each additional member from 3rd to 12th irrespective of altitude of the peak.

India opens forty (40) trekking peaks in the Himalayas for foreigners.  The altitude of the open peaks vary from 5,206 to 6,153m.

Sikkim offers the smallest number of trekking peaks (one (1) | 2.50%), whereas Himachal Pradesh the largest (twenty-one (21) | 52.50%).

Trekking Peaks Open for Foreigners in Indian Himalayas during Climbing Season 2020

Peak fee is also called handling charges or peak charges.

November 9, 2019. Peak Charges Reduction. News Release. Official Website of Indian Mountaineering Foundation (I.M.F.).

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