ISO Quality Standards for Adventure Tourism Industry

Doyle, Chris (2011). “Global ISO Adventure Tourism Draft Standards Advanced; June 2011 Set for Industry Review & Feedback.” Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Adventure tourism…

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Glamping contradicts essence of adventure

Glamping contradicts essence of adventure

Challenging and gorgeous outdoors are a staple of the adventure travel and tourism sector that is changing with time. Professional adventure travel management companies have been successfully wooing the adventure lovers with different budgets. Of late, the companies observed their clients’ changing expectations reflected in their two contradictory desires: being a part of raw nature in day and retiring in luxury accommodation at night in the same environ. The receptive travel companies coined the concept of “glamping”, which means “glamorous camp” or an upscale luxury camp. These camps are also referred to as “mobile rooms.” Glamping reduces hardships of the modern travelers and increases profit margins for entrepreneurs.

Glamping unfolds new opportunities but curtails the essence of adventure and may have severe consequences, especially environmental problems. Glamping, originated inAmerica, will make camping easier. “Easiness” may be a stepping-stone to mass adventure tourism. Rich will buy adventure with money. However, travelers who prefer self-organized adventures cannot ignore compactness and minimalism, the two essential traditional keys to success of any true adventure in wilderness.



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