Kayaking and Rafting Profile of Tricky Tons River

Jack Morison, a famous river runner from America, rafted through the Tons  for the first time in 1980. A commercial trip covering full length of the glacial Tons, the largest tributary of the Yamuna River, was organized six years later for an extensive exploration. Jack died in 2008 but many…

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18 Rapid Names that You Should Know Before Rafting in Tons River

Geographical names are important. Because they simplify identification. Because they describe personality of the geographical feature being named. Many rivers in the Himalayas, for example, are named after local and popular deities and mythological events because the rivers are revered and pivots of survival. The Tons is one of such…

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NIWS prepares you for water-based adventure activities

Adventure travel requires special skills. And, the adventure activity-specific skills are an asset. If water gets your adrenaline going, the National Institute of Water Sports (NIWS) is one of the best places to train to be a water-based adventure specialist. The institute,  a part of the Ministry of Tourism, Government…

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