Goecha La Trek with India Hikes: A Review

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I trekked with India Hikes (IH) to the Goecha La View Point I from Yuksom during April-May, 2018. Quality of the amenities and services provided during the trek varied from average, good to very good. Amenities Sleeping bags were not clean. Some of them stank. Tents were good. Food Food…

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Where is Chaurigang?

  Chaurigang / Chaunrikhiang / Chaunrikhang / Chowrikhang / Chaurikhang  Chaurigang (about 4,380 meters / 14,450 feet), a meadow located at the snout of East Rathong Glacier in West Sikkim, India, receives good amount of snow. The meadow lends itself to the views of imposing bare and snow-clad peaks of…

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Sikkim Levies Trek Royalty

Trek Royalty in Sikkim

The Sikkim Government levies royalty even on trekking expeditions to the state. As of 2010, the trekking royalty follows: The alpine trek royalty amounts to US$ 200.00 for a 5-10 member foreign team, US$ 300.00 for an 11-15 member team and US$ 400.00 for a 16-20 member team. The royalty…

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Pick your peak for alpine-style expedition

  Many mountaineers prefer alpine style climbing expeditions. If you are one of those, the peaks with an altitude of approximately 6,000 meters in the Sikkim Himalaya welcome you. You can choose from the following five alpine peaks that have been graded to give an idea about challenges involved: Brumkhangse:…

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Hike in charges levied on Sikkim forest facilities

Do you wish to visit reserve forests located in Sikkim? Yes! It has a cost. Recently, the Sikkim Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department (Gangtok) revised and increased the fee to use facilities available in the reserve forests. Take into account the following while budgeting: As per notification (October 2010)…

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