Why Should Woman Reach Home before Her Man?

In continuation of my last Monday’s blog post-Revolutionary Change…, I would like to share another biased tradition that is deeply ingrained in the minds of men. On one winter morning, I was standing on my patio. It was very cold. Mist was partially embracing the sky and treetops. Most of…

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Shouldn’t Mendicants Work to Earn Livelihood?

Shouldn’t Mendicants Work to Earn Livelihood?

Mendicants clad in shades of saffron, white and sometimes other colors flock almost all the Indian holy cities to eke out a living by leveraging religious and spiritual psyche of devotees. And Manikaran, a popular pilgrimage center located about 4 kilometres from Kasol in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (HP), is not an exception. When our Bhunter-bound bus starting from Barshani, HP stopped at Manikaran for a brief break and picking up more passengers, two mendicants in late 40s or early 50s, expecting a free ride until Kasol, boarded the bus. True to form, when bus conductor asked for their destination, one of them told him with a wide teeth-baring smile that they were “baba”, to avoid spending meager money they had on the bus ticket.

However, the bus conductor, unfazed by the reply, insisted on their buying tickets, which resulted in a verbal spat initiating an exchange of caustic remarks about secret indulgences of the two parties involved. The mendicants ultimately succumbed to the dominance of conductor, realizing the bus is not their cave or makeshift “office” where they command.

By the way, is expectation of free access to cloth, food, shelter and everything else by mendicants, who always remind their followers and / or devotees about their duties, justified?

Style of a “Neo” Trekker

Enthralled by magnificence of the Himalayas a mid-aged plump lady determined to cross Sar Pass(Himachal Pradesh,India) at any cost. She looked for someone who shall always hold her hand and make her ascend and descend the narrow muddy trails winding through the forest and / or fresh white slopes from…

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Travel TRAVELS !

Travel TRAVELS !




Travel tones the life.

Travel relates the origin and the destination.

Travel associates with the status.

Travel ventilates the mind.

Travel excites.

Travel links the two routines.

Travel shapes the character.

Are writers not human? don’t they need money to survive?

 Are writers not human? Don’t they need money to survive?

Unfortunately, website owners believe that writers are machines and can mass produce write-ups in no time.

That is why they offer INR 5/- for a 100-word write up. ( http://sfbay.craigslist.org/forums/?ID=143703656 )

If you are one of low-paid writers, you can join with me in creating awareness about the problem and finding solution for it. If interested, share your views at theOff.info.