7 Interesting Facts about Himalaya

If you are reading and viewing TO ABHA, you must be smitten by the Himalaya and may like to know more and more about it. Here are a few interesting facts about the range that you may not know or may have forgotten:

Mountain with Multiple Citizenship

The Himalaya is a citizen of more than one country, including Bhutan, India, Nepal, and Tibet.

Human Equator

The Himalaya is an “equator”. This equator resides north of the zero degree latitude (geographical equator). American anthropologist William Z. Ripley nicknamed the range “human equator of the earth” because it separates two entirely different races. He first discussed this epithet in his book The Races of Europe: A Sociological Study published in 1915.

This is not the only epithet describing the mountainous expanses.

Ajanta, Roof of the World, Switzerland

Vast vertical territory earned the range the epithet of “roof of the world.” The range is home to “Ajanta” and “Switzerland.” For example, Ajanta of the Himalaya is Tabo Monastery. Khajiar is mini Switzerland. Himachal Pradesh is a “basket of fruits.”

Home of Hairy Snowman

Yeti or abominable snowman always catch our fascination. Have we ever made a hairy snowman? But yeti is believed to be a hairy snowman who lives in the mountains.

Lotus Shaped City

Shangri-la was first mentioned in Lost Horizon by James Hilton. This fictitious place is situated in the Himalayas near Tibet. Shangri-la is a lotus-shaped city which is also called Shambhala / Hidden Kingdom.  It is home to semi-perfect and perfect humans.

King of Mountains

Kalidas, the famous Indian poet, called it king of mountains.

More than One Himalayas

North America is home to “the second Himalayas,” Canada’s Himalayas.

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