Budget beauties

A writer’s block bugs almost all writers. But, the block frequency may vary from writer to writer.

So, how do you beat the block?

Writing manuals suggest various strategies to break the block. One of them is writing with colored pencils. The pencils perhaps ensure a change from the routine. Change refreshes the mind. Change adds vigor. Change coupled with beauty may further set the ball rolling.

Recently, from The Indian Weaves, an exhibition hosted by New Delhi-based Rashtriya Sanskriti Samaj Avem Sabhayata in Lajpat Bhawan, Sector 15 B,Chandigarh, I purchased two lovely pencils with wooden toy “capitals.”  The wooden toys are cute. The toy selection is intelligent: a loyal energetic Dalmatian dog in soothing white color and a bright red insect with rhythmic buzz. Use these pencils to bash the block and regain the writing rhythm.

Although these beautiful pencils are costlier (INR 30.00 per piece, US$0.61, €0.46, £0.39) than regular pencils (INR 3.00 per piece, US$0.06, €0.05, £0.04), you can pick one or two pencils for treating occasional blocks. Because beauty evokes emotions. The emotions add personality to writing. The personality draws readers.

That is why, I call these pencils budget beauties. 

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