Free entertainment for kids, dirt cheap clothes

On this Diwali, the Sector 17 Plaza, Chandigarhwas amusingly different sight. The funniest part was vendors selling readymade garments, shoes and woolens on temporary stalls in front of the branded retail stores. Like vegetable vendors, they were calling out prices of goods.  “Pachas rupai (INR 50.00), sirf sau rupai (only 100 rupees), sau rupai (100 rupees), sau rupai…

There were several temporary stalls offering these goods. All stalls were crowded, because everything was dirt-cheap. For instance, the price of a full-size T-shirt was just INR 50.00 (US$0.96, €0.72, £0.62). The price of a winter jacket was INR 400.00 (US$7.66, €5.73, £4.92). The stalls were doing good business when many big branded retail stores were closing for Laxmi Pujan after lunch.

They were selling export surplus, leftover stock and defective pieces though defects were not major. You can pick some good stuff if you have an eye for details. Scan the clothes thoroughly for defects, such as stains, small wholes / cuts, slight difference in length of sleeves and incomplete stitching. However, all goods were not defective. It was real Diwali gift for people with small purse.

Another surprise was maadri ka tamasha, which we enjoyed after a long time, as madaris now-a-days do not frequent bazaars and colonies. The young madari ensured that monkeys’ dance to his tunes and anticipated money from spectators. Some happy spectators gave him money. Children were happy with acrobatics performed by monkeys clad in black and blue robes.

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