Grass and Jute Souvenirs from Chandigarh National Crafts’ Fair

Chandigarh hosts the National Crafts' Fair every year. The event showcases crafts from across the country. Many of these boast personality of unique traditional souvenirs. For example, figures crafted from grasses and jute. These figures exude Indianness. Each figure uses homegrown material, grasses (bamboo, cane…) and jute. Each figure is crafted by local artists.  Each figure represents leading characters from homegrown epics. That is why these figures deserve a spot in the Indian souvenir list. Have a look at these figures.


Chandigarh National Crafts' Fair, a place for souvenir shopping
Reasons to visit Chandigarh National Crafts' Fair

December 1, 2012. Chandigarh. (Left) Hanuman, an Indian god having monkey-like face

December 1, 2012. Chandigarh. (Right) Shiv, an Indian god and husband of Nanda, one of the principal deities of the Garhwal Himalayas.

What to shop at Chandigarh National Crafts' Fair

December 1, 2012. Chandigarh. 4 Characters from Ramayana: (L-R) Laxaman, Sita, Ram, and Hanuman

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