Marigold Art from Chandigarh Chrysanthemum Show

Carefully cultivated chrysanthemum blooms were center of attractions during annual Chrysanthemum Show 2012, Chandigarh. And marigold art complemented guest chrysanthemums and resident bushes and tall trees in the Terraced Garden.

The marigold art exhibits featured marigold flowers in three shades: maroon, orange, and / or yellow. The floral artists created animals, butterflies, and women with the fresh flowers.

Yellow marigold symbolizes sacred sentiments.  Marigold has also caught fascination of writers. For instance, in political satire The Interpreter 1622, the author compared Buckingham with marigold:

“He’s as bold

And confident as the bright marigold!

That flatterer, that favorite of the sun.”

The tropical flower marigold is ubiquitous in India. In fact, marigold is one of five commonly consumed flowers in the rural and the urban areas. Neither religious nor secular ceremonies are complete without the flowers. The blooms are preferred for floral decorations because of the long shelf-life. The flowers have strong pungent smell.

The flowers have multiple uses:

  1. Garlands for religious and secular celebrations
  2. Source of oil used in cosmetics and perfumes
  3. Source of carotene pigments used for coloring food
  4. Therapies
  5. Wool dye

In India, African and French marigolds are commonly grown. African marigolds are tall, whereas French ones are dwarf. In 2012-13, the domestic production was more than 360,000 tons (APEDA agrixchange).

Marigold is a native to Central American nations: Guatemala and Mexico. Portuguese discovered marigold in Central America during the sixteenth century.


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