Sukhna Needs a Hawkers’ Zone


I cannot think of a Chandigarh (India) itinerary without SukhnaLake, a popular hangout for exercising, picnicking and or unwinding with friends / family. Well-maintained lake has everything: a bar and restaurant, boating facility, parking zone, sports complex, watch tower, police control room and public conveniences. However, a picnic spot or a weekend getaway without affordable popular local traditional snack options is like a body without soul.

Recently hawkers selling roasted chana and peanuts and chana dal garnished with raw onion and lemon have been removed from the lake premises. A health cart is introduced, selling expensive “healthy” food. I tried a sandwich – a few thin cucumber, tomato, onion and potato slices arranged between two pieces of whole wheat bread. It was priced more than INR 100/-. Not worth the money spent. I also ordered aloo chat, which had some stale ingredients to my disappointment.

Channa kulcha, ice cream and cucumber hawkers do business on pavements outside the lake premises and / or in parking zone. A hawkers’ zone next to the lake will help in catering to visitors from diverse economic backgrounds and ensure that pavements and the parking zone are exclusively used for predefined purposes.

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