Survival Skill 1: How to See in Dark

Survival Skill 1: How to See in Dark


On a moonless night, pitch dark sky and / or your dark tent without any lights are scary.  Because you cannot see anything.

But there is a trick to see in the darkness. Survival Skill 1 elaborates on this.

Your eyes have millions of cones and rods. The cones reside in the small center area of the retina and rods occupy the remaining part. The former work at bright light, whereas the latter work at low light.

Therefore, do not look straight in the place you are trying to see during the low light hours.  For example, while searching for sleeping bag, plates, or anything else in your dimly lit tent, look slightly to the side of the object for better vision. Then light will fall on the rod filled part of the retina.

The same trick will give you a better view of a faint star in the dark sky.

Remember, since the rods do not facilitate color vision, you see everything in grey scale in the night.

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