Survival Skill 3: First Aid for Frostbite

Survival Skill 3: First Aid for Frostbite

If frostbite falls for you, engage with first aid as fast as you can. Frostbite is a freezing cold injury. If the injury is ignored, the patient may lose the affected part. The frostbite patient, therefore, shall

    • Go to a warm place that is not exposed to the wind. A warm place means a place that has normal room temperature i.e. approximately 17-22 degree Celsius / 64-73 degree Fahrenheit.
    • Stop further body heat loss.
    • Remove wet clothes.
    • Remove clothes, accessories, or anything else that is obstructing blood circulation.
    • Wear dry warm clothes.
    • Not change clothes in the outdoors.
    • Cover the head.
    • Never apply direct heat or hot water.
    • Use warm compresses, clean warm clothes, or blankets for frozen and other parts of the body. Keep the body warm until things become normal or medical advice is sought.
    • Use the warm part of the body to warm the affected part. For example, if the nose is affected, use the warm hands to warm the nose.
    • Not use cigarettes to warm himself/herself.
    • Not rub the affected part.
    • Not stay outdoors.
    • Not apply snow or ice.
    • Not use cold water to unfreeze the affected part.
    • Handle the affected parts gently.
    • Consume warm beverages excluding alcohol.
    • Find professional medical help as soon as possible.


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