Survival Skill 4: How to Survive Avalanche

Survival Skill 4: How to Survive Avalanche

Avalanche knowledge and presence of mind can increase chances of survival. However, it is not possible to get out of the way of an avalanche sprinting at the speed of 60-120 kilometers / hour. If an avalanche has buried you, it is hard to dig yourself out and is just impossible to survive. So prevention is better than cure. For preventing burial under an avalanche, you can learn about avalanche prone areas and avoid them instead of getting caught into speedy somersaulting snow. Here are some more practical tips to survive an avalanche:

  1. Do not hike, climb, snowboard, snowmobile, ski, and / or travel alone, especially in avalanche prone areas.
  2. Avalanches do not come without warnings. So study the terrain for the avalanche signs and take preventive measures.
  3. If you are caught in an avalanche, try to swim in snow and keep yourself on the top of the snow. So that you can be spotted by others and rescued. Or, after the avalanche stops, you can try to dig yourself up.  This is just impossible. But sometimes these tricks work.
  4. In case of partial burial, try to dig yourself up.
  5. While in avalanche prone areas, do not carry heavy things in your pockets and knapsacks. Unwanted heavy things will pull you down to your grave if you are caught in an avalanche. Instead of carrying heavy things, keep some lightweight energy food in the pockets. These foods will keep you alive in case of partial burial. Remember to travel light.


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