Tips to hire cycle rickshaw in Chandigarh

Affordable cycle rickshaws are a good means for short distances within in Chandigarh. A cycle rickshaw ride is enjoyable because you get a clear view of the surroundings and a chance to breathe in fresh air.  The rides are more enjoyable in early mornings when mechanized vehicular traffic is sporadic, thereby the pollution and smoke level are the lowest. All cycle rickshaw pullers are male. So far, I have not spotted even one female rickshaw puller.

If you keep the following things in mind, the ride will be hassle-free:

  • The city has well-marked rickshaw stands in most of the sectors.
  • Let rickshaw puller to follow his riding speed. Do not tell them that they are slow, as they do not like it.
  • If a cycle rickshaw puller does not follow traffic signals, the traffic police may fine the rickshaw puller INR 10.00 (US$0.19, €0.14 , £0.12) and / or puncture the rickshaws’ tires.
  • Usually cycle rickshaws have hood, which can be raised during summer and monsoon seasons to protect the passengers from extreme heat and rain.
  • You must haggle about the rate in advance.
  • Minimum fare is INR 15.00 (US$0.29 , €0.22 , £0.19) for traveling between two adjacent sectors and sub-sectors.
  • The fare for traveling to the sectors requiring to pass more than one intermediary sector depends on distance, number of intermediary sectors to be crossed and number of passengers. For instance, a ride from the Plaza in Sector 17 to theSukhnaLakein Sector 1 costs INR 40.00 (US$0.78 , €0.58 , £0.50) for two persons. Some rickshaw pullers also ask extra money if the route selected is uphill, as roads have moderately steep slopes in some parts of the city.

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