Connotations of White Chrysanthemums

Delicate white chrysanthemums come in wide varieties: anemone, decorative, double Korean, incurved, incurving, reflexed, spider, and spoon. Many of these flowers are not pure white. A dash of pink, purple, and yellow hues enhances the white refreshing petals.

The white blooms have different meanings in different countries. For example, white blooms symbolize grief in Japan, Korea, and China. Chinese use white flowers in funeral wreaths. But there are countries that compare white blooms with honesty and truth.

Europeans-Belgian, Croatian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, and Spanish, use incurved chrysanthemums for funerals and grave decorations. This white chrysanthemum is the sympathy flower.

White chrysanthemums have different connotations in the Unites States of America: cheerfulness and positive feelings.

According to a German legend, white chrysanthemums represent the Christ child. The farmers in the Black Forest area thus ensures that the plant blossoms in their houses on Christmas Day.

Today’s photo story presents different types of white blooms whose petals coil, curve upward, curve downward, hook, or acquire spoon shapes. These blooms were exhibited in annual competitive Chrysanthemum Show 2012, Chandigarh.

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